December-borns! Exciting times ahead…!

fast_horse_riding You are ready to let go of the past. How cool is that!!!
There is an undeniable freshness to this year that you have commenced. All that has gone on before, has served its purpose. You are the wiser for your varied experiences, and probably, in your heart of hearts, gladder… You have cause to be, as the phase of life you have just crossed is over.
Not that you had a bad stint, if you had not. Yet you, particularly now, are in a space to appreciate closing of chapters, reaching conclusions, forgiving, letting go…

A lot of things will now, over the next year, coalesce in your mind and form your own little rule-book titled “The Way Things Are”. Good work. You are likely to make those judgements according to your experience and understanding, and it will stand you in good stead, for as long.

Now, if there are aspects in your life you are not willing to let go of, where you think you are not done yet… here is a clue. You make your effort. If there is no reaction to your effort that furthers that particular interaction, then take the hint. It is over. If you try to prolong matters, it is flogging a dead horse. No can do.

The big thing about your year ahead is that it is about transition. It is the in-between. So be prepared that many things you start now will have to be from level one. Many other things will have to be closed whether you think they are over or not. Understand then, that transition times are not where you want to save money for a rainy day or pick a brand new career. Better that you plan your next set of finance to get your dreams off ground, or prepare to lay a foundation, if you are angling for that new career.
Relationships can mature into new levels of understanding, if they are not getting over. For those who may be parting, do try to gather the wisdom in the situation. All is well.

For those of you Decemberians who have already done and dusted all sorts of closures in the past year or few years, and are raring to get to the new frontier, hang on… take it easy. Perhaps a few things will pop up to claim your attention. Please do attend to them before you ride off into the new sunrise!

You are awesome, December-borns! Go change your world!


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