As much as we are a part of the whole, do we have a unique identity as human beings. It is in what we can bring to the wholeness. More curiously, since whole is greater than the part, all definitions will just end up making us a part, not the whole. Eventually, we will let go of trying to define ourselves… but till then, balancing and harmonising every element within us is key.
How does one do that? For long, we had thought that there is a template, a standardised model of utopia. Now we know, that since each part is unique, its utopia is unique to itself. So all we have to do is to reach what feels, acts, thinks, appears in harmony with our own unique selves. Some of us need more of one or the other than others do. What we are trying to reach, however, is not in comparing ourselves within the collection of parts. We are trying to reach our own best possible selves.

This week, the major interplay will be between our ‘feeling’ and ‘appearing’ spaces… so here we go!

Straight up at the start of the week, you are in a zone of controlled uneasiness. Everything you do will be relative to each other. You are going to see how each and every aspect of what you do is interwoven with every other aspect… and you are going to make a huge effort to get a handle on things. You will succeed to a large extent, enough to sail on. However, do not try to sort through this situation right now, as it is not over. Down the week, you will have many minor reasons to be celebratory and happy, yet, there will be doubts in your mind about who is on top… you or what you do. By the end of the week, you are going to reach the conclusion that there is nothing you cannot plod through by dint of sheer hard work, and then, surprisingly, you will feel better.
Tip: Lighten up. Really, lighten up. There is no ‘handle’ situation. All is well.

This week is uncomfortable for both you and your employers and bosses… when you are given the opportunity to deeply realise how every aspect of your life is affected by the one aspect through which you choose to define yourself. Perhaps, being an employee would place you better than your bosses in the web of connectivity, and it is not the internet service provider that I am alerting you about! You are in a awesome place right now, without knowing it, as the spotlight is on the fact that anything being accomplished is an orchestrated symphony of misic, dance and song. Nothing can work alone and isolated, whatever the appearance. You may have bits of gossip and banding up going on at work, and not many of you will be inclined to be rational about matters that are presented. Anyhow, the week will pass without anything untoward, and the weekend will be an eventual relief.
Tip: Remember the spotlight. Everything is connected to everything else. All is well.

This week can turn out to be tailor-made for you, so heads up and look sharp! Right away at the beginning of the week, you will have circumstances that put you in the right about your view of the world, and have you connect with as much love as you can give… to receive, from everyone in your circle. It will be a pleasure for you to do what you have done for so long, and what you so sincerely believe in. And midweek could be a very peaceful time for you… Down the week, socialising and partying can become hectic, though marvellous. By the end of the week, you will be satiated, happy, counting your hatched eggs and thinking how good it all gets. It indeed does. Now, for the alert… you have to keep awake at the back of your mind that every single person is living their own life, which very significantly means that every person is in charge of their own life. No matter how right or wrong you think they could be, keep this thought awake and you will not stumble.
Else, you will… this very week.
Tip: Be happy. What you are is true, valid, unique, necessary, desired and lauded… just like everybody else’s. All is well.

The week past must have been quite a show-stopper for you. Now that you have got your attention, this week is going straight for your jugular.
Straight off the press, you are going to feel wonderful, and magical, and powerful, and everything you want to be… And soon enough, you will be willing to put in that little bit of effort to keep the magic up.
But wait. Mid-week, you may suddenly realise that life was not supposed to be effortful, was it… else, you’d be engaged in industry! There will be an opportunity to band up with like-minded people, and you would all agree upon how community can empower the individual. Yet, you will not be satisfied. Something is missing. Is it this? Could it be that? By weekend, you will be ready to step down, back and slow… ready to acknowledge that there is some more ‘real’ising left to be done. There are things you know and are not living by them. What, then, is the point of knowing them? Whatever you choose, there will be relief in making that choice.
Tip: Try to refrain from doing what you have discovered distinguishes you from others… try not to compare. Anything to anything at all. All is well.

Am I the only one, or is life really speeding up its awesomeness?


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