In the context that we present ourselves, currently as beings on the third rock, known to ourselves as human… we simply cannot avoid being the creators of our lives.
I surmise that is how we keep slipping into doing beings…

This week, there is much to do! Excalibur
To start off, we are going to be keenly aware of what we have collected in our lives as achievements. A proud moment, yes… but soon, that wriggling inside of our heart is going to make us aware that the thrill is in achieving, not in having achieved. So off we shall set again… to survey what we can master. Here is the catch; our situation tells us what we are capable of but our feelings tell us that there is nothing we are not capable of…
So, comes up the moment to make a clear choice of what you wish to believe… potential limited by power, or evolution of power to explore potential. Because whatever you believe, you will achieve, and in achieving will you come across either ever-growing dreams, or regret for what could have been.

A far more active week than the past few ones coming up…! While you would appreciate how busy you get, you have to be on the know about few things right from the word go. What you have already achieved are resources, and the market in which you present your product/ service is a context. Your desires have to make use of these two factors. While an ingredient does not control the outcome, it is certain that the alchemy of a product created occurs because of the perfect balance of the capabilities of each ingredient. This week, you are in a good place to make certain key decisions, especially those concerning introduction of new products/ services that you have a special fondness for, and those which are of long-term benefit. Regret is not something you live well with, so pay close attention to what you want to achieve and work out how you can achieve it. Choose one this week… the rest of your life is coming up!

You, as your employers and bosses, are going to have a week of flurried activity, though with a lot of focus underneath. You may be checking on past work. There could be feed-back received, which you will want to include as a component of further planning of activity. You may also be called upon to stretch your capacities, albeit within the frame-work of your job-profile. You may also entertain the thought that it is for your betterment… after all, the exceptional worker gets an increment, a promotion, or both! Sure, if that’s what you want for yourself, you are going to manifest it sooner or later… but not this week. Instead, this added responsibility is asking you to define yourself, and what you believe. And however important your work is to you, it is still not all of you. So, be aware of the reasons why you do what you do and put each in its proper place. Play, as thinker-writer Jean Hamilton-Fford says, is key. Play… not over-play or under-play!
By the end of the week, you will be in a mood to relax and rest, but do allow yourself some deep and thoughtful moments. You will benefit.

After the past couple of weeks of bonding and understanding, this week may throw you out of gear, unless you grab on to what you see right away, at the beginning… which is that what is put together, stays together. A lot of the activity your folks engage in may cause you tense moments as you go ahead. Also possible is that you, too, will be creatively encouraged to maintain status quo. However, towards the end of the week, it will be necessary for you to bring clarity to your thoughts by paring away the fluff and understanding the one thread that holds everything together. It is usually a core belief, and consistence in that belief shows up the results of all your efforts.
You can relax again, by the weekend, and perhaps, it will be a time of hosting parties, going to the movies, or reading a romantic mystery!

“That which you seek is seeking you.”
What you have in your life is the manifestation of the past.
What you yearn for is what you imagine yourself to be separate from.
When you look to your circumstances for motivation to create, it does not match your yearning. When you decide to play, and create through play, you see the possibility of success.
Now is your moment. Now, and now, and now.
Thought is the faculty which can help you discern… your path from other paths, your power from other powers.
Manifestation is inevitable. It is Law. So, what you now hold is the past manifest. What you want to hold is waiting for you to open the door to it, in the present moment.
Trust your self, even the bits you do not know exist.


The Polar Express has left for North Pole…
Are you on it…? 


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