Yes, for the umpteenth time, change is afoot.   little-boy-holding-a-butterfly

The week ahead will be more about playing out the choices you have already started toying with, rather than having to make them. It is crucial to remember that your analytical abilities are meant to analyse the pros and cons of actions waiting to be taken. The seed of any action you will take now needs to be in having chosen love, for yourself, for your being, for your acceptance. Nobody needs to wonder or ponder over the rights and wrongs of what they love, or like or are, or want to be… All the thinking that need ever be done is about the exact route to map out towards your goal. So, when during the week you feel challenged about choices you are beginning to make, you don’t need to run back to the drawing board, scared that you’ve probably got it all wrong. Instead, you just need to shake your head and make sure that you have chosen what makes sense to you and makes you feel good about yourself. If you can gather that confidence in yourself, then you can learn to navigate the path with increasing skill.

So, trust your love…. the waves will calm down.

This week, you are not going to be called upon to make decisions about changing policies, which is the most brain-wracking activity you could currently indulge in, so that is good. So what is this week about? Balance…. And that will need to be worked out between what you feel needs attention on priority and what your market will dictate to be priority. You cannot give up one for the other. And at points, they may seem conflicting. However, you will need to bring back focus on what you want to achieve… in which case the path to achieving it will be the one to choose. This may seem to be a very obvious situation, and not worthy of being a guidance for someone as wise as you. Hang on, yet… as the energies this week will show you that you, too, can be a baby in need of nurturing. And before you become uptight that there is no scope in your life for the mistakes this might portend, let me tell you, that by the end of this week, you will have made your right choice. And that, my dear Self-Employed, is what will make everything all right.

This week, though there will not be any major upset in your workscape, you are going to feel a bit of turbulence. First, there will be those same old patterns at work which you know are not productive any more, but they just don’t seem to leave. Then there will be some small and sudden opportunities to show off your awesomeness… But again, things will seem to gravitate towards stagnation, and it will not feel right. The point for you in this is for you to focus and stick to what you already know to be right, correct, rational, proved and justified and stable. Once you make that switch, the week will slowly turn better and softer around the edges. By the time the weekend trundles in, you are in a good place.

After a bunch of weeks that were not quite up to the scratch, here is one you can claim completely for yourself. And I would presume that coming from your experiences over the past few weeks, you will be in a better frame of mind and skill to handle your current adventures. Yes, all around you, your dear ones could be demonstrating a turbulence of which you are not directly a part. Yet, you will offer a soothing and stabilising touch, and this can ground them into real-time love. With less effort from you, in terms of patience and support, there will be more effects, such as loving and grateful responses and happy relations. In fact, it would be a good thing if you do not try to personally engage in your loved ones’ battles, but just hold aloft the light of home and safety. Mid-week, you may want to share your opinion, but do refrain. Sharing is not a good idea, and refraining will be a little uneasy for the moment. However, in another day or so, this too shall pass… and the weekend will be far, far more comfortable and loving than it has been lately.

I have it on excellent authority that you have changed.
Alice doesn’t live here any more. Right.
So, now, who are you?
There is a tremendous surge of energy that is taking you towards what you have chosen with your desire for it. There is another jet of activity which requires you to validate your co-existence and justify your standing out of the box. And there is this dream you have of all things utopic.
Then suddenly, midweek, you are reminded that you have chosen. Though this birth is relatively new, you are being asked to commit to your choice. Then, leaving the unchosen ones behind may seem painful for a while, till you realise that the chosen one was always the one.
In which day you will have gifted yourself the manifestation of the life that you were struggling to live.
Make it work for you.

Co-creating with your Divine, at your divinest best!


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