5332-cmon-miracleHow Aware Are You That You Are A Miracle?

Straight question… not a rhetoric.
This week would ask you so, and whereas you need not answer it, you would be drawn into pondering over it, nevertheless…
Because our Great and Sacred Fear of the Future is just as much our creation as we try to deny. Because if we can trust ourselves, we are clear of the lowering boom. Because if we can create one, we can create the other, and then some more. Because the more we run away from being responsible for ourselves, the longer we pull the thread that will eventually reel us in.

We have a marvellous opportunity right now in which we are submerged, to understand the difference between ‘thought’ and ‘feeling’… to understand that we ‘create’ with our thoughts and we ‘manifest’ with our feelings. We also have the opportunity to take a good, hard look at the question we keep asking about our future, “Will it be good for me?” We can, if we want, answer that for ourselves by understanding how much we trust our own selves to do what is in alignment with us…

Else, we can instead ask ourselves why we doubt the energy that caused us, through our doubts about our abilities.

As we all know and as has been drummed into anybody who would lend even half-an-ear, times are a-changing. Spoiler alert: time is always changing. So what is pertinent now is what you are observing as going through or resisting a process of change. You will be noticing it right at the beginning of the week, but remember, this is not a week conducive to taking action. Rather, you need to sit back, observe and delve into what everything means to you as they occur around you. Other than your routine tasks, what you are going to see mid-week is something that you have wanted to do but have stopped yourself from doing. Further on, you can of course ask yourself why you did so, and whether you can allow yourself now to go forward with what you want. Towards the end of the week, there will be some ideas you will be able to put to rest, once for all… And you must eventually trust that it will be for the better. In your scheme of things, results are mostly long-term, so decisions that you will make at the end of the week will have long-term… (Ah! Here it comes!) benefits.
Point to ponder: Trust yourself.

Up front, this week is not going to be easy for you. Having said that, this week, then, will be easy enough for you. Why the conundrum? Because, nothing in your work-situation will be challenged outright, yet, there will be spaces and nooks where you will wonder whether things are actually all right. You will be looking at things that need to get done on a regular basis, which don’t seem to have a smooth flow. You will want to change a bit of that, and you will find you don’t have the freedom to take such decisions. This will trigger you to think about your powers at your job, and the ephemeral idea of ‘job satisfaction’. Eventually, by the end of the week, things will settle down to status quo, again… or at least, what will seem comfortably like status quo. The week’s disturbing questions are not likely to cause evident upset, but they will have triggered you to thinking about your situation in life, for a very long time.
Point to ponder: Trust yourself.

Against the backdrop of changing times, there is nothing in particular in your world that is changing, except for the maturing of time. This is bringing up questions in your mind, and uneasiness, and this week is full of that. Granted, there will be mitigating moments of togetherness with your own ones, and some special time of sharing… however, you will be sharing problems, and problems have an uneasy way of showing up different facets to familiar people. Here is your crux: the more you consciously hold yourself open to the dictum that everything changes, the easier it will be for you to flow with whatever is happening around you right now, without causing unbearable stress. Yes, you noticed it right, there will be stress…. but bearable. By the time weekend rolls around, you are likely to feel that the worst is past you, especially because there would not have been drama and gore on high street during the week. Yes, you can rest, but don’t indulge in complaisance. Remember, everything changes, and perhaps, you are, too. If you can, make a note of the questions that had arisen around your interactions during the week; it will serve you long-term if you attempt to answer them… take your time, though. Oh, and another thing… try not to play any kind of blame-game. It will be empty, and it will be remembered long past its life, which would be sad.
Point to ponder:  Trust yourself.

This is the week that you have been waiting for…. like all other weeks. I am not trying to be cute, but if you have not claimed the right to each magical moment yet, now is the time. This week, you will experience a head-on collision between understanding the Law of Attraction, so as to speak, and the Law, itself. You see, whether you understand it or not, it matters not two whits to the Law. Or to any other Law. Or to life. So it is really up to you to shape up and show up. (Shipping out is not an option.)
You will, against the backdrop of change, discover that there are many things you want to create in your life, as the creator of your life. Then, you will directly see how you can’t do so many of those things. You will wonder why. And for a fleeting moment, you will wonder whether it is really all okay, and why creating has to be so fraught with anxiety. Going forward from there, you will suddenly see that eventually, all that you have created up till now is what you have wanted, and in wanting, have created a relationship with… In many ways, your life defines you. So, hopefully, by the end of the week, you will decide to make a choice, commit to it, and let the other options go. What you then will hold in your hand is another portal to another new life… a new life each day.
Point to ponder: Trust yourself.

It is a well and truly amazing week… even when we are sleeping, the miracle unfolds!


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