Bilbo-Baggins--Martin-Freeman--The-Hobbit--supplied Everything changes. The paces of change differ. Things that we see changing quicker than our own natures, we observe as changing. And some things we imagine never change… sky, sunlight, the ground we stand on… yet, they do, too. At a pace far slower than we can grasp. Or in a zone about which we are not aware.
What we try to do within the context of our lives is hold on to what we like and want them not to change. Additionally, we avoid what we don’t like and want them to change into what we can like, if they insist on being around. And since that does not happen, we feel deprived.
So, what is going on here? A mistaken idea…
This is how it works.
Everything changes. In recognising that what we observe is a product of a process of manifestation, we can shift our attention from the product to the process itself. And we can understand that it is the process which guarantees the product, and the process itself is unchanging… whereas the usefulness of the product is temporary. In working with the process is our skill as the creators of our own lives. In perfecting our dance with the process is the perfection of our lives.

Considering the past few weeks and the stress you have been through, it is great that you are going to have a lot of get-up-and-go for yourself this week. However, it is still going to be pretty uncomfortable for you, as you will see that you are still not in control of your situation and circumstances. At the start of the week, you will see certain shifts happening and some of them may even make you feel that things are going your way. It will be beneficial to stop right there and remind yourself that things always appear as you have set them in motion earlier. If you do remember this crucial point, mid-week, challenges that will crop up will seem possible to handle…. by the process of better planning and proper delegation. Still, there will be other stuff that you will want to sweep under the carpet. It can’t be done, it won’t be done… and by the weekend, if you decide to make an effort to clarify your own thought-processes, you will be able to glean a breakthrough.
Note well: The way you feel about what you see now will show you how aligned you were to your eternal self when you had set this particular manifestation in motion.

This week could be a big one for you, especially if the week past was challenging. This is where you get to turn them into opportunities. At the very beginning, you will see changes around you that may seem to have no bearing to your exact work-profile. But by mid-week, you will be called upon in a large enough way to demonstrate your merit. Why is this specific, when you are anyway doing what you are supposed to do? Because to you, and only to you, it will not be a demonstration of your talents. It will be a need to prove your worth. Afterwards, you may not feel as though you have done a great job. In fact, the next couple of days may leave you feeling a tad bit ungrounded. Whatever you do, getting argumentative to carry your proving forward will not help. So refrain. Instead, keep in mind that this week is again about bringing clarity to your mental processes, whether or not you feel in charge of your life. Eventually, the weekend will bring relief, and the probable lighting up of a better attitude at work. After all, you are where you are because you are worthy. All you have to do is keep doing what you do in a better and better manner.
Note well: Since everything changes, you, too are changing. Now is the time to focus on the beauty and joy offered by the responsibilities you have taken on. They need not be burdens. They can be delightful engagements.

This week for you, may turn out to be quieter than the past few weeks. You will be called upon to engage much less… though you may feel that there are energies shuffling around behind the scenes. Look after the health of all around you and under your care, and at the head of the list, put yourself. It is certainly not that anybody will be ill, and neither will you. It is just that when great winds go howling around in the darkness of the night, everybody feels safe when snug at home. The only thing you can actively engage in is some soul-searching. Mid-week, you will have an opportunity when you find a long and dearly-held belief of yours is challenged enough for you to defend it. Do so, by all means. Only, be alert to the fact that mere argument will not win you any honour. Instead, when you feel you need to defend a stand, it is a signal that that particular stand is weak. Food for thought.
Note well: Coping mechanisms and defense mechanisms are for dealing with the past. However, if the past does not repeat itself unless called, perhaps all these coping and dealing are methods to call it to repeat?

Change, change, change… is happening.
It is time to realise that it is not news anymore. It is the norm. It is what happens. Also, after the week has begun to show you its changes, it is also time to realise that change is not random. Life is always in a process. All the circumstances we take note of are fruits of seasons gone past. Mid-week, you can see your nemesis crop up… that thing which does not let you see yourself as you would want to. And you have some nifty moves to make sure you deal with that. However, and this is a stretched out one… what you do to deal with demons takes the fright away, and not the demon. It is when the demon is gone that you will make your true beginning, and the opportunity to understand this lies in this week’s travel. Do not weave yourself into any web of words or thoughts. Recognise your shadows along with your light. That is what will lead you to the light.
Note well: While finding the light and rushing towards it can be uplifting, light outside of yourself will always make you cast a shadow.

Tell me your story, and I will show you your magic!



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