A Master Is Born!!!!

144   The Year Ahead For Those Born In November…

Happy birth anniversary, dear November-borns…!!!!!!!!    happy-birthday-picture-wallpaper

This will be a year you can look forward to… and for some of you, it will bring in growth unparalleled, from inside, outward! Most of you will be going through the year at a slower mental pace than usual. There will be more of peace and breathing space. And there is certainly a call to open up your soul.
You see, it is like this….
You are generally of an observant nature, and you have been keeping a close eye on how life is panning out. If you are below thirty years of age, you are building up within you a dynamo… and whenever you are ready to launch your next big dream, it will be spectacular. If you are above thirty, you have already started to feel the drip of the nectar of wisdom within you, so when you are ready to embark on your next big step, you will be calm, poised and completely in touch with yourself.
All that both of the below- and above thirty need to keep in mind is that all dreams start with a plan of action, and a willingness to make corrections along the way. Some of you may have chosen for yourselves a less trodden path. Others could be quite happy not dreaming big. Wherever in your journey you are at the moment, Novemberians, you are going to have a year of well-paced growth of wisdom and understanding.

And for those in the region of thirty years of age, the time is ripe to understand that your guiding light is your own self. Don’t worry, it won’t be an instantaneous shift. You will slowly and gently ease into trusting yourself… at least, you will have the opportunity to do so!

Financially, the year will not hold any surprises. It will also not destabilise you in any manner. Or, if something has been brewing to upset your financial state from a few years ago, it will now reach its culmination, and put you in a place to recover… albeit slowly.
Relationships can be stable, with a caveat. One or the other in your interactions may tend to become too heavy with telling the other what to do and think and so on… If it is you, be warned. While the going is good, there will still be limited takers for your know-it-all attitude. So also check the context of the relationship. People emotionally invested in you may put up with a lot more of your tendency to dominate, than people who are circumstantially connected to you. If it is the other person trying to be at a upper level to you, allow. There will be a surprising lot of wisdom that can come to you right now.
For people looking to launch new endeavours as business, check your premises, and then, check again. Make yourself very sure of all the processes and systems in place. Do not indulge in impatience. Whereas what you are about to create will have a very, very long life, it also needs extra care to start off from a stable platform.

How does your year get better than that!


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