“Replace ‘problems’ with ‘challenges’ and then, ‘challenges’ with ‘opportunities’…. and watch your world change around completely!”94fb1e59
Sometimes, it is easy… at other times, let’s make it easier!

The week coming up is about feeling yourself capable of making changes to suit your changing self, and yet, not quite getting there. We think we know, we take action according to it, we look around and model our story on approved templates… but still, we do not quite hold in our hands just what we would like. The opportunity here lies in integrating our feelings with the rest of ourselves we keep so active….! What we do is according to the desired goal we wish to reach. How we do it is according to the map we chart out for ourselves. But whether we are on track or not is to be known by what we are feeling at any given time. It is all very simple, really.

The aspect to watch out for is that we are likely to feel ungrounded… so it is of worthy of our efforts to constantly bring ourselves into contact with our realities.

It has been a few challenging weeks and it continues to be so… Now is the time to see the ‘opportunity’ in those ‘challenges’! Of course, you are capable of great things. That is the Divine Design. However, it is difficult for you right now to be capable of new things, as a lot of your ways and means are of the old. What has stopped bringing you success in your endeavours is telling you to stop using them. The thing to do is to look around you and judge for yourself how awesome much of what you now have is just what you had asked for, once upon a time. Very soon, you are going to look away from this introspective moment and thrust yourself back into playing the old game, again. But it will itself show you through progressive disconnect that the old patterns are no more of use. Eventually, by the end of this week, perhaps you can coax yourself to stop, regroup your energies and cast around for your true feelings. Key to sailing through the week is to understand that old ways do not work for new destinations.

As with your employers, so with you, though the overall harshness is mitigated by less intense responsibilities. The beginning of the week may make you feel that you are called upon to be exemplary. But by mid-week, you may want to look for people on whom you can blame your restricted movements. Of course, your employer, the policies of your company, your higher-up… are all easy targets. But this is the moment when you need to be grateful for what you have already achieved by being in this place. Towards the end of the week, you might regain a bit of your fighting and competitive spirit, but there is no ground on which to play your games of work. The weekend will allow you rest and recuperation, if you will… though you are as likely to worry and fret over the way things are. Key to experiencing a better week would be for you to start counting your blessings right away, and to consistently bless everything that has brought you gain in the past.

As with most people, you, too, are not going to find the week easy, or even friendly. At the beginning, people you depend upon seem to you to be erratic and foolish. Certainly, you may try to help them… but it is a good moment to stop and ask you whether perception is or is not, individual. If it is, then your experience of what your folks are doing is dependent upon your perception. There could be a mitigating day or two, mid-week, when you reconnect with the loving and caring part of your community. However, the seed of questioning has been sown, and further along, by the end of the week, you are going to have to decide to let go of earlier patterns of thinking or wallow in frustration and lack of appreciation. Key to navigating the week is to remind yourself at all moments that whatever you now have is the fruit of what you have earlier asked for.

Are you seeking around the world what forever lies in you, waiting? This week, be warned, is of tremendous yo-yo, compounded by the aspect of being ungrounded. One moment you know it all, and the next, you know nothing. Empty is the pattern you reach out for, as it is now old and unyielding. Gratitude, if practised, is a balm, but what of the healing of the wound on which you apply it? Do you treat it, or entreat? Do you cover it up and let it dry? Nothing works… till you stop trying to make things work. Things are not supposed to work. It is you. You are the creative energy that infuses life into everything around you, through which you wish to express yourself. So key to navigating through the week is to keep bringing yourself back to knowing One-ness.


The virtue of falling… is to make your rise spectacular!!!!!!!!


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