Chef flambe action

Amp it up! You are listening to your self… so what are you saying?
Everything that we think, say, feel, do and project is within the context of our lives. There is great value in understanding the difference between what changes, what can change and what need not change. While it is natural to desire stability, it is immature to imagine the changeable will remain unchanging. Yet, each one of us is the creator of our own lives… so how far does that take us? Is there a paradox hiding somewhere?


This week is about more and more opportunities to reconcile paradoxes, as they pop up. That, after all, is Law.

This week, you have it tough, and yet, you also have a canvas to paint exactly how awesome you are… and the world will see.
The first contradiction appears right up front. While the system within which you deal with work has its structure and serves you well enough, the feelings you have seem to be flowing all over the place. Of course, what you already have on hand as gains (losses) and resources (leaks) is the familiar picture with which you know how to deal, but you are already suspecting that life is about to get bigger. So how small is the familiar? Mid-week, you have the perfect opportunity to do as you feel well within your context and structure. The catch? You have to be very clear about what you feel and what you need to do with that feeling, because, yes, for you, life is all about doing. And much of what you do is what you have been doing for long. By the end of the week, you will have the opportunity to re-visit your decisions with the calmness and clarity required. This exercise can prove to be very fruitful for you, by making possible the end of all that does not work. Will you take it?

At what you do, contradictions can upset your scheme of things. Yet, if some decide to visit, you are not exactly cocooned from them, are you! In many ways, you will perceive contradictions at your work-place when you observe how the system works and you feel you can do what it does, better, your way. Well, you could manifest an opportunity for doing just that. So line up your ducks way ahead and be very sure of what you want to achieve by rocking the boat you are sitting in. This could be a challenge you may not be up to, so eventually, you just will have to work harder at accepting the current system, and use your free time over the weekend to understand what your various urges at work are telling you about yourself. There is one purpose to this exercise, this week, and that is to end obsolete thought patterns. And most often, you come across obsolescence through conflicting ideas which clamour for recognition. Yes, a tough week, but one that can reveal its treasure through the faculty of thought. So observe, retain and ponder…

The week coming up will start with vindicating your stand in life… and with a little effort directed towards maintaining status quo, you are soon going to be sailing through the week feeling all is going well. After mid-week, however, you might feel that a lot is being drawn from you in terms of energy, and while you can certainly keep up, it is eventually draining you. So, by the time the weekend turns in, you may have an inclination to think over things and find out what suits you and what does not. If you are not familiar with the practice of weighing pros and cons, and discarding what appears to be unproductive in your scheme of things, you might become anxious and feel challenged. Relax. Giving things a good thought does not require you to open any can of worms, if you don’t want to. However, at the weekend, do use your faculty of thought to understand your patterns of reactions and beliefs a bit more.

As more than usual, another marvellous week to explore all that you crack up to be, and then some more. This week promises to hold up to your scrutiny all that you believe to be essential in your construct, and the relationship you have with them. You may choose to have certain beliefs to remain unchallenged, yet in merging your flow with your context may seem to require much more energy from you to be as easy as life… So, what gives? The end of the week will bring you the opportunity to think and understand far more than currently you can, with your feelings and actions. Three cheers, for you are about to let go of some patterns of behaviour that no longer work for you. So see you around the bend!

Things just keep getting better and better!


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  1. Kashish Sharma
    Nov 04, 2013 @ 17:34:30

    Yet, each one of us is the creator of our own lives… so how far does that take us? Is there a paradox hiding somewhere? Love you Mohini ❤


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