What You See Is What You Get…
And how marvellously we experience this in the upcoming week!  Let-Go-of-Control

We know about having to work together, apply our energies in a team-effort… but what most of us do not realise is that is the only way. Everything is only inter-dependent. Everything is woven into the Wyrd Web!
This week, we may look at certain things we do as connected with others’ activities, and we may attempt to protect our interests when the products are being generated. However, imagining ourselves separate or isolated from others would just motivate us to try harder and harder to enrich ourselves. As always with every belief, the opportunity to explore changing it appears mid-week. Be alert, because we are likely to miss the tree for the forest. The nudge towards the free-flow of life will be so slight that we could be still struggling with fitting things into our paradigm. Even if you do miss it, hold one thought clear. Allow nurturing and nourishing of self… All is well.

The beginning of this week is going to intensify your belief that hard work and team effort pay dividends to everybody. Yet, there will be things that skid off the tracks and you would be tired of having to repeatedly think things through, when those things appear to be pretty much the same. Mid-week, there will be a moment of a very slight shift in energies, and that can be a portal to making a major shift in your own world. Chances are that right now, that shift will be too major for you, and you will want to wait for further ‘proof’. There isn’t any proof. There is only trust. However, life will also wait for you… ummm, for you to prove your trust, perchance! Look after yourself, and if you feel the need, do indulge in some deep thinking by the end of the week.

Sometimes, God is our employer, eh!
The beginning of the week is going to ask you to put your nose to the grind, pull the team-spirit up and get cracking at all the things that need to be accomplished yesterday… You will feel a twinge of protecting your interests and then, there will be a moment when you observe everybody else on your team trying to do just that. You could suddenly be motivated to be your competitive best, or you could also use this surge to find out what lies beneath. It is a small nudge to understand team-spirit at a deeper level, and perhaps, start building a new team strategy. However, the seed is being sown right now, so there is no need for you to go charging towards change. Just sit back, observe, and let the seed take hold. Make sure you provide it with fertile ground. So take your own well-being very seriously, as the week wraps up.

You seem to be struggling hard to regain your standing with yourself. At the beginning of the week, you will see things as nearly the same as always. In fact, the harder you try to bring back familiarity, the harder will become the texture of the product of your effort. You will wonder what happened to all the postulates that never ever had failed you earlier. You will try harder to bring back world as you knew it. Here’s the scene… what you want to see can be around, but at the cost of increasing effort. Down the week, you have an inkling of what needs changing, and it is such a soft, gentle little shift that you could miss it. But then again, you need not. After all, you, of all people, are more closely tuned in to the song of inter-dependency. Relax your effort, sit back and smell life. Soon, very soon, you will know and see that which you wish to.

Agreed, the past couple of weeks have been sort of rude to you. Seeking out the higher road did not seem all that it was cracked up to be. Well, sure, it isn’t. And then, again, it is. What’s learning without a few tests and what’s a halo without the danger of losing it, eh! The beginning of the week will make you feel as though you are completely stuck in a world in which you do not want to be. This is an opportunity (yes, you had guessed it!) for you to check which part of you keeps summoning that world into existence. A Course in Miracles says, “Ask to be taught and do not use your experiences to confirm what you have learned.” If your life is not proving itself to you, you have got it wrong. You are the one who has to show up… not life. However hard you try to get it all, mid-week, you will have lost. And unless you accede defeat, you won’t know what you have won. Sink… to swim. Burn… to quench. Stand alone… to merge.

Hello, love! I call you life!


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