When someone for whom we feel responsible commits a wrong, what do we do? We retaliate, ignore, scold, deny, retribute, forgive, teach, preach, snow under, keel over… endless options, right? normal_02567
When we knock ourselves out of our path, what does the Divine do with us? Nudges us back on to where we would want to be…

This week is about Divine Love, whether we have an opinion about it or not. This week is about us thinking we know it all, and considering the circumstances of our lives, so packed with events and thoughts and people and emotions and goals and… (Phew! Right?) …there is certainly a lot to accomplish. However, we also face that the more we do, the more there is to be done. Hammer and tongs we resume, yet…
Honestly, satisfaction is seeping away. It is time to stop and reconsider our game-plan. Have we got it right? Was it supposed to be increasingly defeating? Hadn’t somebody mentioned a promised land?
Yes. And it lies within you.
Stop. Start with your Self. Nourish your Self. Clear away excesses. And then watch your clever plans take wings!

You, simply put, are going to begin the week by grabbing your bulls by their horns and slugging it out with them. Great work, but no can do. The harder you try, the greater burns the things you need to do. Till you stop, and check. What is it that you really, really, really need to do? Empower yourself. Nourish and nurture yourself. Of course, you are likely not going to do it, anyway. Of course, there are those bulls at the door… not exactly the time to sink yourself in rose-petals. But just suppose you do… Just suppose you have yourself feel good. Know what happens? The thoughts you think to create will have a feel-good manifest form. Nevertheless, towards the end of the week, perhaps you will slow down enough to see that there is a lot of unnecessary stuff that got included in your to-do list along the way. You could at least take care of that… perhaps? Basically, back to charging at bulls you are…

The beginning of the week would bring you lots of activity and some on your toes time. You will pull through well enough to very well indeed. However, you will also have an opportunity to stop and check for doing things differently. You could discover an easier way to be. You are not going to adopt this new way, or even stick to it for very long to understand its merit. You are even going to tell me that you don’t have the time at work to experiment. You have deadlines to meet. Here is the low-down. If you are reading this, then you do have a blessing in that darn ‘new way’, albeit disguised a tad too well. Ignore it, if you want, but do take the time to at least work at streamlining your processes in the coming weeks. You will have identified unnecessary activities and it would be better utilization of energy in the long run to not waste any in the short.

You will need this heads up, if you are reading this article. Beware of quarrelling with your folks… Everybody to whom you have spun your belonging is important for your sense of self. Also, situations in which you may find yourself at the beginning of the week may demand of you to be aggressively proactive in trying to solve them. However, words may pick up speed and the ensuing conflagration will not help matters. If it did, I would tell you to go ahead and sling it on. But, even though initially you will be impressed with how quickly things are turning, you will suddenly hit a brick wall. The point in this will be a single drop of nectar spelt love. It is not that you are unaware of love’s motivation. It is that your ego will feel rather wronged. Of course, you can choose to behave in the manner you feel is appropriate… but remember in the moment that you have an opportunity here to really, really start again, with love. Chances are you won’t take it, but how about surprising yourself this time?

What do you do when you know it all and nothing works? This week is your new canvas of an unexplored area of your personal magic. Know what it is? The one you most take for granted. You will come to know what it is when you observe the beginning of your week and how those few days pan out. Whatever is causing high turbulence in you is the power you are using as force. Ever taken a sledge-hammer to break an egg? Well, you would be doing it, and abundantly. However, Divine Grace is always, all ways… and sometimes, in spite of us. So, soon enough, you will be knocked back on your haunches and given one single grail of an opportunity. And some time to ponder. Make your best use of it to find out what it is that you have denied its magic, because winds are going to carousel up pretty soon, and then, off you go again!

How does it get better than that!!!


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