Happy Birth Anniversary, dear Octoberians! happy-birthday-dinesh
It would seem that a revisit is the order of the day… or more specifically, of your year ahead. Whatever you have gone through in the year or years past has now started to culminate into a kind of completion. It may not be the final stage yet, but you can certainly rest for a while… on your laurels!
Overall, the year coming up for you will be pleasant and full of opportunities to relate with and build relationships with people who are deeply significant to you. More keenly will you feel the bonds that you have already developed, and in the year ahead, you may be intensifying and strengthening those ones. Indeed, if you are still connected with childhood friends, this year could bring about some warm times through them.
Relating well is not restricted to relationships, however. At your work, too, you are likely to remember all over again the original attraction that had brought you to this pass, to begin with, and it could turn into a very pleasant interlude. If your financial well-being is on your radar right now, you are going to do good, and better, if you spend as lovingly as you righteously earn. Past investments can now show up happy returns; if you are readying yourself to invest now, then look to ideas you have always held dear.
Your health could benefit from some loving care; make it a little more than usual.
Though nothing hugely dramatic lies in store this year, it all depends on the content of your life, doesn’t it! If drama is the content of your life, drama it will be, then… to make you happy! There are no sharp changes of direction. So any growth-graph that you are looking at can be kept smooth and harmonious, especially if you pay attention to the keys of harmony within each incident. Time spent with other people can be full of fun and good humour, of the gentle kind… and it could be the very ease your spirit now requires.
If you have ambitious plans of growth for the coming year, try to make it as less vulnerable to surprises as you can. Surprises are risky. The energies of the coming year would likely ease out risks, so it is also likely that risky or unplanned endeavours will curdle. On the other hand, you could get into the process of learning how to handle risks, which, in the longer run, could be beneficial.
It seems you are all set out for fun! Enjoy your year ahead, October-borns, and pay attention to what the child in you has to say!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jean
    Oct 20, 2013 @ 14:51:47

    So very lovely, Mohini, and I am now looking forward to enjoying a lovely year ahead!!! Thank you! ♥


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