Don’t you just love it when you think you can take control?

Don’t you, then, hate it when your best efforts come up to surprise twists in the story that show you that you are not all that you cut yourself out to be?

Don’t you wish there would be a point to all this bumping around?  Man Falling off Bicycle

There is… it is for you to shine your brightest light.

The moment you think you know all you need to, there will be more. The moment you allow for more knowing, the way appears. The moment you stop short at fear of the unknown, the path disappears. The moment you decide you are worth your dreams, and stand up to go for it… there are multiple paths.

Dude, it is all in your attitude!

At the beginning of the week, you are going to feel and think you have got everything in your line of sight and you can make a go for it. Chances are you will make a big jump, but you will be less than prepared for it. But you will also have an opportunity to fall back and reconsider what you have put in. However, reconsidering what you have already done does not work for you. It makes you depressed. You feel you could have been wrong, and it depresses your spirit. So wait a couple of days and start again from the handle you are going to get a hold of. Change your tactic slightly, now. Go forward with an eye to having some of the energy spent as an investment in your betterment, over and above the profit. You could be surprised how much more this little change of attitude can deliver!
So, now you have read this, will you be able to be better prepared right from the beginning of the week? No. Wherever you are, you can go higher. Only, you can’t see it yet. So life will show you.

A good week and a bad week, and it is up to you to strike a balance and come out on top.
Here’s the good. You will have plenty of activity all around… some banal, some involving quick thinking, some that make you feel worthwhile. You will, thus, have a chance to show, and show off, your fine mettle. And eventually, you will do a very good job of what you are assigned.
Now, the bad. Before you do much good, you are going to feel over-ambitious and likely fall flat on your face. Or, at least, feel sheepish. Since we were discussing ‘fine mettle’ earlier, this is the time to acknowledge that there is always more to know, and go about enhancing yourself. This is where the bad can turn good into better, like sauce to a steak well-done! Pride won’t get you anywhere at all… whereas a bit of humility in acknowledging that you could do better, can actually lead you to that better.
Now, having read this, can you avoid the bump? No. Don’t even try. You don’t know where it is coming from, so any guess will be a wild guess. Just go with the flow and remain open to be battered. Buttered. Bettered.

When others you rely on could be having an eye-opening time, chances are you would be plugging away at what you know to do and doing it very well indeed. Congratulations. Sometimes all one needs from you is your just being there. You might try to make some effort to contribute to your people’s lives, or to help them tide over their problems. You would soon learn that it will not help them, and in fact, may cause you to fall back in a daze. However, you have something important to impart here, through your experience of life. It is the wisdom of “wait and watch, and something better will come along”… Hold that space for your loved ones, if they seem unsure, because at this moment, the energies are completely on your side. Eventually, you will experience great relief, perhaps even greater than the situation actually warranted. So, having read this, will you be able to forearm? No. Some things are better with experience. Like hitting the last home-run!

So, here we are, in the beginning of the week, being very, very non-seeker-like… as though that is possible. Believe, it is. You may surprise yourself with how everyday you can be. You can also surprise yourself at the depth of rejection and denial you may feel for it. And this will be the new portal for you to g through, this week. What makes one way better or worse than another? What is your way based on? What are the ideas that motivate you to be who you are? What if… those ideas can be challenged? Mid-week, you will find you have failed spectacularly in what you think works, and as you know, this is the opening to getting to what works. As always.
However, there is a different chip this time. It is the dedication to what works… whether it is the same as always or is always changing. You can by the end of the week find out for yourself that in failing you will have fallen through another rabbit-hole. And now it is simply awesome. You can also discover a little more of that final jigsaw… your Self. So go ahead and get ready to know that you don’t know. So, will you be prepared, having read this? No. You are human, a vector expressing duality.

Where were you so long in coming, wonderful world!!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kashish Sharma
    Oct 14, 2013 @ 16:34:01

    No. You are human, a vector expressing duality.

    Where were you so long in coming, wonderful world!!! Love you Mohini ❤


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