WHAT PRICE, ORDINARY? scared-girl-looking-at-pregnancy-test

Sometimes, doom-gloom-all-sunk-under is so much fun…!!! A bit like learning to swim, and coming out with a life-skill on the other side! But while you are in there, especially the first few days, you could feel as though your lungs are challenged…

So, welcome to an awesome week in the guise of a sniper!
(Boy! Am I enjoying myself!)
Basically, ever since December 2012 happened and we all still find ourselves here, this is precisely what we have been waiting for… ummm… actually, most of us did not very well know what happens after you have “ascended”. Likely, time is now showing us what it means when we get down to raising ourselves up!
Firstly, all that does not work, has never worked or no longer works… have to go. And yesterday. If we do not make efforts to find our authentic selves, then our circumstances will ask us some tough questions. We might try to get by with our time-tested clever moves, and we might even succeed, for a while. In fact, that might encourage us to rush around thinking that all that has to be asked has already been answered. Till we trip up… on some basic things. Such as, what do you mean by being happy. Luckily, (as always!) we are getting to see very closely what our life is all about, and at a deep level, whether we acknowledge it or not, we know that we hold in our hands exactly that towards which our beliefs, engagement and efforts have propelled us. Tough one. Why, then does it look so unwanted?
Folks, as all moments, we can make this moment in our lives the dawning of our light!

We all know how most of our market-driven economy depend upon you, so success may seem indispensable to you. However, life, honestly, knows nothing about success, or perhaps, knows a bit too much. Everything that you have known to be true and avoided, or you have moulded into becoming something other than what it was is now pushing you further down that road, and to your discomfort. Yes, you are still very well able to correct what you see and make the winning moves. Mid-week you will feel much vindicated after the way the week has begun. But it is not about one day, or one work, or a few smart thinking. It is about the person you are and whether you are shining your light. Sure enough, towards the end of the week, you will experience a sense of loss or lack, and hopefully, you will want to mend the thought process that brings about your circumstances, rather than finding fault with the way things are. By the end of the week, it will be a make-or-break moment (yes, one amongst many oft-repeated!). If you can recognise yourself, you will make it.

Now, after the past couple of weeks when you have had a chance to admire your relative safety, as compared to your employers’ position in the economy, this week is a wake-up call. Right away, at the beginning, something of turmoil will help you rise up to the occasion and deal with it, quite well and laudably, in fact. This may encourage you to forge ahead knowing that you are well-trained in the art of your job. And immediately, you might find the results of what you have accomplished… not quite up to the mark. Yet, you had made all the correct moves, hadn’t you? So what gives? You will, over the weekend, have a chance to think and find your own resources of life. You will be able to shine your light on your own intent, which is the motivation for everything you do.  

This week will not live up to your expectations, so let’s take a quick look at the purpose of having expectations. It means you expect things to work in a certain way. When they show signs of not doing so, you generally think up more ways of putting things back on track. You will be doing this pretty successfully, as the week commences… so where do expectations fall short? In the results. When you see the results, as you will, this week… of not only your current efforts but also of earlier engagements, you will be surprised at the large mismatch. Indeed, it is undeniable that you have done most things by the rulebook. However, since that has not guaranteed success, it is time that you connect to what success means to you, what you desire to experience, and how aligned your activities are with your nature. The light will shine bright.

This week can prove to be very, very interesting for you, as you may come face-to-face with your ordinariness. Even though you have the understanding of core honesty, you are living within the paradigm of making things work. That paradigm is now showing up its loopholes. Mid-week, you will find out that you need a new paradigm, and not everything can be worked out with the faculty of thought. Limitations are a great way to build resourcefulness, and resources can turn into limiting perspectives. Be prepared to have everything that you don’t want, such that you can drop them and become open to knowing what you do want. Be open. Let your inner light be lit.

An amazingly powerful and transformative week, folks… go for it!!!


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  1. Kashish
    Oct 06, 2013 @ 19:33:23

    Be open. Let your inner light be lit.


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