Baby-steps, anybody…?  200021956-001

When we have to start over again, it is usually not smooth for us. However, technically speaking, we wake up every morning to a new day, and new possibilities. So, again technically speaking, we have a new beginning. But what we usually do is what we have done yesterday, and in the past month and perhaps even the past year…. And for goodness knows how many years…
So, our ‘new beginnings’ turn out to be uninformed. Most often, we claim to have begun anew when we are rather disappointed with the way things are.
This week, we have an opportunity to understand clearly and visibly what ‘new beginnings’ actually mean to us… personally, creatively and collectively, within which we belong.
So look at your dreams of happiness, inspect where you stand with respect to them, and what steps backwards you need to take if you want to connect to your original joy. Understand where you have dammed the flow, and through that, discover what you could do to disconnect from your defunct and move to your new. And then you are, really, ready to start.

This week will make you feel de-stabilised and mistaken… and that would be a hugely mistaken assumption to fix on, on your part. The point of your experiences towards the beginning of the week is to connect you to your original bliss-picture, and to retrace your steps that have taken you away from that place. It is always challenging to translate feelings into action, and it is more so for you, as you have a lot at stake… in being engaged to the market. However, what you do is one aspect of you and as intrinsic as all other aspects, so it cannot be diminished in significance. Do not try to separate feelings from your life. Instead, find out what is stagnating and change the whole structure there. Be ready to move to the level for which you now are ready. You feel fantastic to be a big fish, even if the pond is small. However, staying there will not allow you to grow. So change your perspective. Your growth lies in being a small fish in a large pond.

This week, the energies are kinder to you than on your employers, so step far, far back from them, and give them space to sort things out. That will give you some breather, as well, while they deal with things that have deep implications on your work-life, as well. In the meantime, your breather is not about relaxing. In fact, the whole week is going to be about making small mistakes and rectifying them, till you chance upon a moment of ‘shakubuku’… and erroneous processes can then be wiped out from your system. The point for you to note here is that erroneous systems don’t go away till you have experienced the errors, assimilated their effects and decided to choose differently, within your context. You can make a brilliant move up to your better self… and it will eventually be recognised. Meanwhile, wipe off the debris and start again.

You do not have to become somebody else. You just have to be more and more confident about yourself. This week’s energies will give you a good start, and maybe even some celebrations and happy moments. But it is likely that you would feel as though it is only you who makes all the efforts in keeping a relationship going and everybody else just takes you for granted. Here’s the catch. It is not true. Better still, it is here to help you leap to your next lily-pad. What that lily-pad is, is up to you. In observing the results can we understand the process of the process… and thus, tweak what we want to change. Your decision to change for the better is likely to be more integrated to the role you play in your context. That is certain… So work out any negative perspective you may be dwelling in, and make your efforts pure and free of doubt and confusion.

This week, you find out for yourself, that even the largest and most life-encompassing ideals will need to be viewed as goals and will require a plan of action that will have to start from scratch. This week, you will also find out that you, too, have a history of stagnation. Hallelujah! Unless you find it, you would never know it exists and unknown, rot spreads. Known, it can be addressed. So, the way for you to address what does not work for you, this week, is to stumble upon everything that feels stagnant, stopped and sunk. Then, from that point, project to your new world… the one you want. Project your movement into it. Set your intent on using your energies to walk the path that takes you to your goal. Then, start again. This time around, you would walk with certainty of the walk, and not take diversions that are meaningless to you. You already have a lode-stone in your feelings, so getting lost, for you, is in the zone of choice!

What a wonderful week!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bodhimoments
    Sep 30, 2013 @ 20:27:22

    THank you for the timely reminder. Small mistakes, small corrections. Big change.


  2. Kashish Sharma
    Oct 01, 2013 @ 10:43:54

    In the Bursting of the center I burst into honing the Is & leave the not is 😀 Thank U Mohini Love U ❤


  3. vijayenijay nair
    Oct 01, 2013 @ 10:58:47

    The sage reminds us of our in built strength,Mohini-But why does 1+1 not equal 2 and is 6-Just curious, the exact answers never seem to come,naturally-They arrive suddenly-


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