We are beings whose manifest forms are designed to take action… and feelings are resources that inform the creation through our thoughts of what we want manifest along with us. 

There! How does it get clearer than that!  woman-with-basket-of seashells

This week, we consolidate all that are feelings have already told us about our Selves. We think up our ways and policies and strategies with that information in place. We discard what does not seem as significant, in favour of the desire that grabs us by our cockles of our heart. Then… we take action!
We might need to defend our stand. Do it.
We might need to build a system to keep our foundation in place. Do it. Your foundation, not your action…
We might need to make an effort to see that every-single-body is in the same place. Make the effort.
We might need to turn into our own champions. Put your guards in place and be it!


This is going to be a week when you will feel more in control of your life, and that is good news. The key is to understand that you create your stuff with your thoughts… and any action that you will take will need to be planned and executed with control (here is that word again!) over your reactions. You will need to display conviction in your idea, so make sure you are working on something about which you are personally convinced. When you delegate responsibility, make sure you do not hand over charge of what you personally need to do… but only of those processes which will provide you the support you need for your enterprise. It would be ideal to work through the weekend, if you are so inclined. The time now is motivated and fuelled by passion… so the more you indulge in it the better for you.

You are going to be quite separated from your higher in command this week… and much of what you do will have to be self-motivated. So make sure you know the system and proceed with a lot of energy. If you need help, it may be difficult to come by through asking nicely, but easier if you follow or emulate examples and precedence. Do not get hassled if certain delectable projects are not handed to you. What you already have on your work-plate is actually going to serve you much better in the not-so-long run. Whatever it is that you face this week, go at it with enthusiasm and confidence, because the energies indicate that you are already good at what will be asked of you. Also, ummm, the weekend, if off, will not be relaxing. Be prepared!!

Take a deep breath and centre yourself, for the coming week is going to draw out all the enthusiasm you can feel for life and the way you think it should be lived. You are at a point where you have done your thinking and surmising, and additionally, you are also pretty sure of your feelings. Take this as a very good beginning and empower yourself to see that people will share and build as they are able, not as you would like. If you can see this, you will suddenly fall upon a treasure of being invited to engage in some very exciting growth happening around you. If you relax your fright around stability matters, you will see what humongous fun is just waiting to be had! How does it get better than that! Just keep an eye out for your metabolism, and do what suits you to keep it balanced, smooth and calm.

This is crunch week (and there will be countless others!) All of this week you are to show up with what you have learnt and what you now believe… and with nothing else. You have understood that your feelings can inform your choices. You have seen that your choices are the components that go into creating your life. You are aware of your actions being the alchemical fire that brings into form what you have desired from your thought-energy to your manifest world. This week, jump into action… informed, strategic, clear, concise action, with the energy of your truth, belief and alignment with your nature. And keep going at it. The world is yours to create, warrior! Remember, the downtimes are pointers to what you need to discard… they are not shackles that pull you down, unless you do not discard them! Go!

How does it get better than this!!!!


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  1. Kashish Sharma
    Sep 23, 2013 @ 16:06:35

    Love you Mohini ❤


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