What else can I say, folks, but that the Divine has surely got our back!!!  Free-Falling-4f6b73a73fafb

We put in three components into all of our engagements… thought, feeling and action. The ratios vary, with our individual and unique nature, background, context… the permutations, as you can see, are numerous. However, at any given moment, each one of us has at least one particular complete alignment, which puts in our hands the manifestation of our efforts.

This week, then, is about digging out that ratio for our own selves! Cheers!

This week will not feel good to you, be warned. However much I may natter on that there is immense good happening in the background, unless you see it upfront and staring in your face, you are mostly determined to feel uneasy. You need not, of course, but that is another matter. You see, you are going to look at the three visible components of thought, feeling and action and feel miserable when they do not seem to gel. You are going to miss the invisible component, yourself, which is the Divine component. Well, you may remember having read this and catch yourself at odd moments… in which case, you will also spy a wonderful change-over moment in the middle of the week, where you will have an opportunity to think and do things differently. It will be a fair enough start to getting different results. But the ‘feeling’ part will still have to be dealt with, as it will likely appear pretty random to you. Though there are no major upsets, really, there is a call for you to understand for yourself what sustains you, and what is a mere illusion.

Honestly, of all the categories I draw, you are the folks who will have it relatively easier this week. Since you will not feel any threat, you are going to be game about all the situations in which you find yourself. There may be times when the higher ups may frustrate you, and a robust session of jawing out with your colleagues may relieve your stress. Back to the grind will seem almost refreshing. However, and please make note of this… mid-week, the energies swirling around may ask you to express your unique opinion. If such a situation comes up, do not show off. Resist and desist. Curb your creative tendencies and fit them into what bosses want. This will stand you in very good stead. Considering your context in life, the contribution of an employer is at least equal, if not more than that of your buddies. Just before you head off for your weekend, remember to be grateful to have the platform for self-exploration that a job offers you. Even if the week has not been worth it, say a kind word to your boss. It will work as a talisman in the weeks to come.

The week looks a little shaky for you. The good news is that it is only slightly shaky, and that too, because your thoughts are just not going to stay to heel. Even though you may have some good times with your folks, and you are also going to ensure that everything you are responsible for runs smoothly, you will feel unsure about the focus of the collective. Most uncomfortable will be when you feel let down or taken for granted. This is where this update should come in useful. Recall that you read it here, that everybody has their own vision to pursue, and understanding to base their premises on, and there is nothing wrong with that. Do not allow your thoughts to convince you that others do not care for you. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, even you could not be further from the truth. Try to relax and take good care of yourself. The calmer you remain, the better is the chance of you realising that difference of opinions never harmed anybody.

This is the week when you have the chance to get the formula right… whether of alchemy or of the divine ratio in your creation of your life. Loosen your hold on being a victim. Understand that belonging is pleasurable when you start with yourself. Remember that the joy of work is when you are doing what you love. And there…! You are ready to launch on to your rainbow path! Faith is in trusting the feeling, feeling the thought, thinking of actions that embed joy. Mid-week, when you sense yourself thrumming to be re-born, remember that you will need to set clear intentions. Whatever the level of euphoria you feel, you cannot thrust it upon others. In trying to do so, you are in a danger of draining away your own energies. There is no singular formula. There are only the components. To each his own, no matter how spectacular your results.

Oh, ye of little faith! Pull it up to big!!!

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  1. bodhimoments
    Sep 16, 2013 @ 22:06:44

    forewarned and forearmed…..


  2. Rootweaver
    Sep 17, 2013 @ 00:22:00

    Reblogged this on Tarot Taxi.


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