The Cartesian Field!   2010 Polar Plunge at Clark Lake

A lot of what we think and do is motivated by the thought-line propagated by Rene Descartes… “I think, therefore, I am.” This week’s energies can show us, if we look… how dependent we are on our faculty of thought. And that leads to more food for thought… If we give such a great deal of importance to a particular tool, implement or faculty, for the purpose of regulating our lives, have we made sure that we have empowered it to the fullest?

Honestly, this is a week which can potentially challenge you to bring out your best… which is your truest self. You are used to being in control of most of your life, and that is, for you, a desirable situation. Anything that you encounter is an opportunity for you to fit what is happening with your scheme of things. Well, this week, you will be starting off such encounters in the usual mode. But by mid-week, either through a call from deep within, or through external circumstances, you will find an immense spot-light shining on the actual state of affairs. Precisely, you will see that there is a difference between what you create as your life, namely a vision of success, and what you desire from life, namely, stability. This split can serve you a great benefit, if you utilise it to rethink and recalibrate your systems. So, be prepared to see what you are shown. You are in a good place to not fight back, as this is your own life… and you are in a better place to understand and raise your bar.

Your week promises to be good, even if the start seems a bit shaky. Any challenge you face already is a known entity, so with efforts at harmonising, you will achieve harmony. Even if you do not make any particular effort to be nice to your colleagues, situations will flow along rather smoothly for a brief while. Mid-week, there could be a particular event, which may suddenly cause everybody to sit up and be alert… though there is less chance of it affecting you as an individual. If such an event indeed does occur in a manner for you to notice it, it will then also ask you to engage a bit of your independent creative abilities… perhaps to find ingenious ways to solve problems. If you have the weekend off, it would be best for you to have some family time, or a stupendously relaxing time, at least. In general, not a noticeable week, unless you hold a position involved in policy-making… If you are in such a place, then policies will soon come up for review, so make sure you know what motivates and inspires you.

You have had a good few weeks, honestly. Willy-nilly, through indifferent or exhorting times, things eventually have been turning out well enough, or better. However, this week is going to be a tad more uncomfortable for you, as you face far more thoughts and ideas and those uncontrollable worries, than usual. There will be patches of mitigating times, when your folks and friends will be nice and comforting, but most of the time, you could be triggered into worrying and fretting. If you grab hold of your mind right away, there is a good side to this. That is, if there seems to be something to worry about, then it is better to bring it out into the open, take a good, hard look at it, and then resolve it in the manner best suited to you and your way of thinking. It will certainly be a bad idea to push that poky thing under the nearest carpet. So, resolve issues if you do find them, and they won’t grow larger behind your back. If you can so arrange, having a close-family time over the weekend is a great idea.

“Just at present you only see the tree by the light of the lamp…”
And you are going to be pretty clever and happy about it as the week commences its flow. However, mid-week, you will be in a situation when suddenly, the tree will light up and it will be the turn of the lamp to be darkness. Can you figure this one out? Much treasure of the Self will lie in this change-about of perspective. You will discover a sharp, canny split right down your belief-system, which is creating the particular paradox you were starting to believe would never be reconciled. But… “All truths are but half-truths, all paradoxes may be reconciled…” And thus, you will be able to see exactly where your external world is in conflict with your ability to create that external world. The gift? Reconciling paradoxes, of course! So that you may start all over again…
Again? What’s that?


Hold hands and jump, folks! We are all in it together!


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