Proof of life…!   catching1

Ever wondered what those guys expounding the Law of Attraction were nattering on about? Well, here’s the spadeful, friend… You are living it!!!

What you are holding in your hands right now is the result of all your asking. You are going to spend the week discovering for yourself whether you were happy and excited to have wanted what you did and did everything you could think of to welcome it… Or whether you were worried how you would handle it once it turned up, if it did… oh, sure hope it doesn’t… Or whether you wanted it and then tucked it away in a corner of your heart as one of those things that are too fantastical to even come true… so holy guacamole, what is this!…

The beginning of the week will seem either propitious or a tad slow, depending on the nature of your endeavour. Both, actually, are a revelation of an end-product of a system you have set up with a particular purpose, long ago. Look closely at the first couple of days of this week. Not only are you an individual and unique picture, you are also part of a larger and intricate picture, and you have known it all along. However, when you say you don’t want what you have got, it is a cue for you to immediately check what you were feeling when you had asked for it so long ago. By the time the week ends, you will have the opportunity to be completely sure of the part of yourself that you rely on and the part that scares you. Find out a way, your way… to integrate the two. Check what it is you are actually afraid of. It is there that all misalignment stems from.

In a way, a week rather uneventful for you as an individual… though you might get to observe the upheavals happening in your employer’s work-life, even if under the surface. If you hold on to the thought that what you observe is also a part of your experience, then you will be able to see that your experiences can help you correct your path to keep you headed towards your goal. While the middle of the week is nice and happy-making, the end of the week may bring around a little alert to be aware of your own shaky grounds… or at least, what would cause you to feel shaken if it was disturbed. If you discover something, this is the alert: there is no need to worry about that discovery. It is an opportunity for you to change your attitude and watch the shakiness dissolve. If you do not discover anything challenging at all, then just utilise your weekend off to rest and rejuvenate. You should be fine.

This week is far more stable than the last, in many ways. Everything on the outside will be calm, and in their interaction with you, will also permeate a sense of calmness. You, of course, are already aware of the network of family and friends. You will have your moment of pondering on the dynamics of the network, towards the middle of the week. It could be a strange moment, though, as you are likely to find out, in the days following, that stability lies in holding in a functional balance all the dynamic members of an equation. Sometimes, however, one could be using the shield of ‘avoidance’ as a substitute for creating a stable structure. Now is the time to realise that such pretension, if it exists, will not work in the long-term… and the longer the short-term is stretch, the harder it is going to snap. If there is nothing being avoided for the sake of steadiness, then make sure you get plenty of rest and some entertaining conversation by the time next weekend comes around. And if you find yourself not in the mood for a chat, then a good book will do just fine!

A test of patient waiting, a slow revelation of the big, then bigger picture, an understanding that you are a part of it… Yet, you are also the picture. You have got to get a handle on the focus. This week can be crucial for you to get it… if you want… that you create with your thoughts and you manifest with your feelings. So you have been creating all the while, and what is manifesting around you right now is the way you have been feeling all the while. You are going to stumble upon the switch by the weekend. And it is going to be tough for you to throw it. What you see as challenging is what is going to push you to the next level. How wonderful would it be if you grabbed your fear by its horns and… no, not toss it out of the window… but hug it close and dissolve it by your wonderful knowing-ness of All and One. What is a fear, but a belief? What is a belief, but a thought? What is a thought that cannot be changed…?

Yo, Magicians! Watching your rabbit…!!!


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