Here Comes The Winner….!


THE YEAR AHEAD FOR THOSE BORN IN SEPTEMBER!!!  (September 2013- August 2014) 

Dear Septemberians… happy-birthday-blue

You stand at a threshold, and if you know it, welcome to your (k)new world!!!
You have come to an end of one chapter and are about start a fresh one. So, largely, there are possibilities of fresh beginnings. However, I think you are going to want to continue the majority of your earlier stories, and that is not altogether a bad thing. If you are pleased with what you have at present and want to build on it, then certainly, go ahead and carry over. There is a sense of having achieved and having culminated, so you are surely wiser and happier than you have been.
If you want some changes in your new year, you have to be prepared that the start of it will be tough. This means that you are likely to be resistant to changing your system, even when you want to change the outcome. In this case, I ask you to remember that you have already come very far, indeed, and you have a lot of applicable wisdom. If you had been taking wrong steps, you would not have reached your current state… so don’t start making yourself wrong now. This is a good space, with a lot of hope for your new year. So, if you want things differently, do things differently.

Financial condition is likely to be steady and productive. This means that you will see the measure of your effort. Relationships have the potential to make you feel happy, stable and satisfied. There is a great sense of belonging and community. On the other hand, if you feel a sense of dissatisfaction, it could be this very community that you are missing, and you are in a situation perfectly aligned for you to create your own community. In fact, that could be the best thing you could do for yourself this year, and in a multi-faceted fashion. You could build your community around your work, beliefs, interests, passions… commonalities are endless. And in doing so, you would find out how important you are in the grand scheme of things.
You could already be aware of it, but here’s an additional boost!
A good year to build and maintain your health and all those things you personally identify as your resources…

Have a great year ahead!


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