… Wherein Our True Creative Faculties Pop Out!   writing-in-journal

What is your story?
What is it that you have learnt for your Self from life thus far, and that is helping you create life, henceforth?
Are you headed somewhere?
And is it possible that all you do is turn round and round in the same place?

This week can prove to be crucial for your inner growth. It is time you turn grateful for having being disappointed, as what is shown is what you do not want. Furthermore, lucky breaks that happen are still not within your formula for replicating success. So, when you operate within your structure and set-up, you do so as you have a certain belief about the way things work. If you do not see the required result, and if you have been checking and rechecking your ingredients and processes… and are pretty sure that they are in fine working order… then be brave. Now is the time to go down to the root of all manifest world… which is your belief-system. Be gentle and loving with yourself in your process of changing what you believe, but change you must, to see a different world manifest.

The week ahead is high on alert. Keep your wits about yourself and your experiences ready to draw upon. You might find your employer questioning their own judgement about the way things are moving. Of course, do not expect them to abdicate glory in your favour. Likely, they will come up with a new way of doing things. You will not be asked for your opinion, or even if you are, they will do what they think is wise. Be clear of this and do not hang your emotions on your position. It is not a bad time… it is only a time of using your thought processes much more creatively than you have been recently called to. If you have the weekend off, then plan for some entertainment of the erudite kind.

After a long time, you have a week coming up that is not so cushy and comfortable as in the recent past. So if you think you have not had it particularly good since the past few months, this week may cause you to think really, really hard. In fact, the energies of this week are causing everybody, and you, to pause, think, reconsider… everything that you thought was a given. For you, it will be a particularly interesting exercise to ponder over the what ifs, the main one being… “What if all that was taught to us as the foundation of a good life, is actually not?” Some of the fall-out of such thinking will be painful, particularly if they challenge the aspects of affection. You could feel hurt if your loved ones behave such that they go against your beliefs. That would be the perfect time to consider the value of beliefs that can show up as causing rifts between loved ones. The key for you this week is to find your centre of emotion… and hold yourself steadfastly to it. That which does not fit your centre will eventually fall away from you. Take care of your health.

Since you love challenges so much, here you are.
This week provides you with a workbook for you to see how well you understand the universal laws and whether you can deepen your understanding till the point you are a conscious-aware example of them at work…
(Indeed, it is a trick statement, because everything is always according to the universal laws… but your workbook is not a trick.)
So observe your dislikes. Know that they are information about that part of You which is manifest in this world as you. Observe things that yet seem coincidental to you. Put this data together to find out where you fit in, in the structure of your life. Collate the data to figure out whether your structure is its own ideal, or is in a compromised situation. Then, knowing that what is not aligned corporeally and temporally will need to change, find out at which node that change needs to occur for alignment to happen.
And knowing your nature, this bit of work would be delightful, if you keep at your side as your helper the energy of loving-kindness. Something of the unworked will be over as the week leaves…

What is the story you are creating, creators?


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