“…IN YOU ALL ALONG!!”  6511716-young-beautiful-woman-in-red-dress-lying-on-the-field

Calling, hollering, crying, wailing, trilling, screeching, laughing out to you is life… Have you answered it yet?

The beginning of the week will likely shake you up a wee bit, at least, under the surface, as you will face a situation where you have to rethink your strategy yet know that you are right. Be alert that course-correction is not about making mistakes, but about perfecting what you are already doing right. So, really, how does it get better than that! Check your own convictions, to begin with. If you are sure of yourself, then dig your heels in and make your stand. Slowly, slowly but surely, energies will yield to your will. Is there a catch? Or is it all sunshine? Well, was it ever! The catch is that you have to be scrupulously truthful about yourself to your Self. Let go of what serves not, and replace it with what does serve. You are the best person to know your situation. Understand that emotional reactions do not help you make decisions. They help you realise what you like and don’t like. Eventually, the best results come from proper utilization of resources. And in your world, you are your greatest resource.

This week could be marvelous for you in many ways. Yup, you could even ask your employer for a raise! However, the best part of the week is in getting into a challenging situation and being able to handle the challenge in a way where you not only validate your position of responsibility in your office… you also suddenly realise that you have matured and brained up in your work-profile. Mid-week will come the opportunity to take your big step. Either you see a manifest increase, shift-up in your work responsibility, with or without a promotion, or there is a direct promotion. In both cases, you are going to move away from much of your earlier work or style of work. And it would be a very good idea to consciously let go of it, too. Don’t try to keep doing things in your new place, with your old ways. The ways did not make you. You made the ways… and you can do it any number of times that you require. And yes, if you are contemplating a job-change, this is a good week to take steps towards that goal, too. For the very new recruits, things will not be as dramatic around you yet… but within, you are going through great upheavals as you adjust to your new work-life. And all for the good!

You have been having a long period of a good time. At the very least, it has been better than average. Your relationships are on even keel, though you have had some anticipation of trouble. Nothing has disbalanced your situation, and this trend will continue. However, you would now to well to look into the role that you play in your life, and bring some changes into it. You do not have to upset any status quo. You merely have to trim off the behaviours that no longer express who you think yourself to be. If equations are changing, it is in the form of things. In no way are relationships or responsibilities threatened if the dance of interaction does shift around. You are safe, as is your contribution to the scheme of things. Perhaps now, it is a good idea to redefine yourself, as you observe your requirements, as well as what is required of you, changing. It would be a good idea to be on extra alert this week in matters of health. The weekend can be a good time to bond with family.

You are at a crucial part of your journey. Right off at the beginning of the week, you may encounter an opportunity to work with and release a lot of your cell-memories. You might question whether such release is necessary, as there is always wisdom in experiences. Indeed, there is wisdom in all experiences, even in the one of letting go. At the risk of beating to death that over-used metaphor, the butterfly does not have to be wise about crawling, because the transformation from being a caterpillar has already taken place! However, your transformation is not as obvious in external ways, so you could also be not quite sure. So pick up a stand that you resonate with and stick your bet on it. Choose. Anything. And walk that path. It will reveal the treasures it holds for you. Watch out for feeling overwhelmed… as it will unground you. If you willingly release that which you no longer need, if you are willing to not have a ‘contingency’ fund of wisdom, there will be no contingencies. The weekend will be one in which you slip into peace and stay there. How does it get any better than that?

Lover, we are loved!


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