For whom do you dance?    60_1_jm49898

This week, whatever we do, we are going to be extremely conscious of what we are going through. It is wonderfully opportune to practise awareness at this moment. Know, that as yet, we are not aware… and utilise each situation to notice what you are experiencing at a personal level. This is a gateway to meeting yourself. Cyclically, we expand, even when we feel contracted.

Doing the dance, are we, this week! At the start, let me assure you that none of your gains this week are of the monetary kind. Of course, routine is not what we are looking at; so your routine gains are not under the scanner.
So, your gains this week are a plentiful… and strange, as you will not be looking out for them or expecting them to turn up the way they will. Basically, right off at the beginning of the week, if you pay attention, you will discover that you do not have a very well-rounded sense of enjoyment-engagement… by which I mean the ability to engage for the purpose of enjoyment. This will lead you to become conscious of what you are projecting out to the world. Some of you may want to try to merge work and joy, as joy is getting such good press nowadays. But, here you will discover that this merging will call for you to let go of your earlier practices of enjoyment. If you can trust the process of life, it is all good, though it will not appear nice right now. The main heads-up will be to not try to exert control over anything at all. Nothing drastic out of routine will happen during the week, anyway. The weekend may surprise you, but again, I insist… reach for your core at all times and any turbulence will fall away. An average week at what you do, but a hugely significant week at where you feel…

There is nothing threatening you at work, if you do not step out of the line. This is a week where you can unearth the actual undercurrents at play, at your work-place, through observing how people engage in maintaining their relationships, over and above their job-profile. You might benefit doubly through this exercise, as you could discover ways in which you can re-do existing equations. Yet, be aware; the change you would want to make in these equations will come at the cost of comfortable habits. That it can prove to be good for you in the long-run is a given. But you may not be willing to take this step. It is all right. Mid-week, though, be alert that you do not give in to urges that are atypical of your image. The weekend could hold some surprises, but you will have time to replenish and rejuvenate your energies.

Keeping up the general flow of circumstances since the past few months, you are going to have a good, heartful week. Is there not such a word? Well, let’s make it for you, then. Not that all are roses and sunrises, but that the sunsets and sighs are also going to be pleasurable. I would encourage you to mingle and relate with as many people in your circle as you can. These are good days. The feelings that flow within your relationships are kind to you. Even through disappointments, you are going to see the bettering of situation, in your favour. Try not to be too insistent about expressing your own views, and you will be able to avoid unnecessary situations. The weekend may bring a surprise, and you may wonder what effect it could have on you. Nothing, really. Keep your focus on the loving core of your own motivation in life.

This week is significant for you, dear seeker souls. Much of what you do as self-work now has run its course and you need to upgrade yourself. Your practices are flowing into habits, and you might as well look sharp and be aware of that. What can be the harm, you ask, and I say, there is none. However, when a purpose has been served, there is no more purpose left to be squeezed out. So, whatever you are calling up your spirit to do, upgrade it. The caution here is that the new path must also be in alignment with you, for you to be in alignment with your ultimate purpose. There is a chance of you alighting on a fad. For whatever it is worth, if it is fashionable around you right now, give it a wide berth. Your guidance, as always, is within you. Choose what grounds you and allows you to build on whatever you have accomplished thus far. By the end of the week, you are going to have an epiphanic moment of recognising wheat in chaff, so pay attention to your own self, your well-being and your sense of flowing in harmony.

Dance, my saints… the heavens watch!!!


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