Happy Birth Anniversary, Dear AUGUST-Borns!!!



                                                                               The August Ones…!!! Happy Birth Anniversary! happy-birthday-todd-lowe-L-i2MGNR

The year ahead for you promises to be vastly different from where you have been up until now, unless of course, you are doing the same things over and over again, and are pretty sure that this is where you would like to be! Even under such circumstances, you are going to feel little twinges that would pull you towards newness… but, there you are, then!

This year is of your signature emotional bonding in everything that you do. You can do things because you like the way you feel when you are doing them. Or you could be doing them because your feelings prod you into doing them. If you keep your awareness open, you will see that your activities are being led by your feelings. And this is a strong aspect.
Thus, feelings of well-being can help you focus on taking the action that ensures that well-being. Feelings that are not so good for you, can help you decide to follow those that are better for you. Good going, eh?
Now, the shadow…
Beware of ignoring the feelings of others to amplify your own. It will not give you your desired result, simply because the other is a reflection of the self. If you are in a situation where your feelings are in contradiction to those of others in the same space, it is time to stop and ponder. It is time to discuss the contradiction and understand it, rather than express your feeling in a surge of force. Do not feel challenged that you will be undermined and you will lose. You won’t… if you exercise patience. According to Universal Laws, all paradoxes reconcile. So, if you experience conflict, stop, wait, observe the conflict and you will be able to discern the direction of the flow of energy.

This was the tone of the experience your year coming up may hold for you. Other than that, you can have as much fun as you want to. The going is good. Finances may be better in spending, and spending consciously, rather than either saving or splurging. For the career-conscious, the key to betterment will lie in maintaining relationships with honour. And in the domain of personal relationships, you could roll in the flow, if you keep a close watch that you do not lose your grip on being considerate.

As you can see, dear August-borns, you are going to have yourselves an awesome year ahead! Enjoy yourselves!!!


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