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For many of us, being thwarted is an excuse to sulk and nurse our wounded selves. It is time to allow the shadows to bring us to light…
Often, when we find we cannot solve a problem through our powers of reasoning and analysis, we still keep going over the same ground over and over again. And if it still won’t yield, we feel done in by ‘cruel fate’. However, in this feeling of ours is hidden the nature of the obstruction. If you have stubbed your toe, it could be a wall. If you have got your feet wet, it could be a puddle. If you have banged your head, it could be an outcrop. Being willing to look at this fact can be at once elevating and challenging… for often we are asked to die to our inferior selves and claim our glory. It is tough. But it is what is within our capacity. The choice? It is ours.

This is a big week for you… important, significant… and empowering. However, it will be so in ways you would not have dreamt. True power does not lie in the predictable pumping iron. It merely develops your muscle. When your muscle is developed, maintaining it is another stage. And then, the test… of application! Most of you have conditioned yourself that if you have not succeeded once, try again, or else dump the idea. Neither will work if the idea is a special favourite of yours. And you will have to step back, find the point of failure, rise above it and contemplate success. You will find that in courting success, you may have to give up a key habit. Do it. What price dreams? Pay it!

This week, for you, could be half-a-challenge that seems familiar and do-able to you… sort of been there, done that, come out flyin’.
Not this time. The familiar challenge is running deep and will turn up later with twists and turns as you, right now, are not aware of the whole picture. If you keep this in mind, this is how you can help yourself. Look at the familiar part, and ask yourself why it has to repeat itself. A glitch in the process points to a glitch in the system, and make sure you are not ‘It’! If you are not, then quickly learn how to handle yourself when it blows up, as it surely will. If you are, then make very, very sure that you now change your strategy and become aligned with the system. If you make up your mind to do that, the process of change will be surprisingly quick and fruitful. It may earn you unexpected rewards, as well. And yes, if you find you are not part of the error, look again. There is this little problem of over-confidence in the air.

This week augurs a deep search into your soul for the roots of all the relationships that you hold dear, and the trigger may be through communication that may misfire. You will have ample time and inclination to delve into the reasons for the reactions you exhibit, as well as opportunities to discover the patterns of behaviour with which people around you seem to engage. You may not want to, but it would benefit you greatly to re-work the dynamics of each relationship that has stress-points. It will be easier and comfortable to let things be the same after the little storm has blown over. But it will not augur well for the future of those relationships. You may consider familiar zones to be safe, but the others around you may be contemplating vast changes. On the other hand, if you take your power in your hands and decide to re-calibrate your relationships of stress, you may discover a new vista… unexplored yet, but promising to be more beautiful. Of course, it will be challenging, but you did teach yourself that things of worth never came easy, didn’t you!

This week will present you with a marvellous opportunity to understand the language of your emotions… and to weave it in with the idioms of your analytical ability and the over-view of your spirit. You may feel close to drowning in feelings, and most of them can and will appear negative. Yet life is waiting for you to turn around that darkness into light, and merge it with your inner spark. Eventually, you will not drown. It is important that you remember this, as what will save you and buoy you up is a discarding of what has now become baggage you don’t need. At the beginning of the week, you will not see it, and try as you might to glean what it could be, you will not be able to see it, as it is hidden in a place you will not be looking. By the end of the week, you will be in a position to decide whether or not you would now slough off the trappings. It will not be an obvious choice in your face. Rather, it will sneak up on you and leave you breathless with the emerging possibilities. In case you do decide to let go of what is not serving you any longer, you will round up the week with a wonderfully grounding and stabilising validation. You may still worry about whether you have done the right thing… ummm, do you really need to do that?

Bring on the awesome, folks!!!


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  2. jazzspazit
    Aug 07, 2013 @ 13:42:16

    Mohini you take my breath away ❤


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