TAROT Update for the week 29th July to 4th August, 2013!


From this week onwards, I am modifying slightly the way I do the weekly Mundane Tarot reading. Whereas earlier, I would cast the general idea and prod along the four categories I have drummed up, from this reading onwards, I am focussing on the four categories in greater detail.

I have explained this in the page MUNDANE TAROT… and I reiterate it now. The basis for identifying your category is just as you identify yourself … according to your understanding, belief and desire. If you feel you are in more than one, then so be it!

Each one of us is a unique part of a whole. Sometimes, we can see the ‘whole’ of which we understand ourselves to be a part. Sometimes, we feel we don’t want to be in that ‘whole… Yet, as times inevitably change, we could find ourselves part of some other bigger picture, in which we continue to feel the same as earlier. The picture may change, our feelings may not. So, through our feelings, we bring the same energy into a new scenario… which is actually a straight road to repeated disappointment. So, revisit your ideal feelings and re-orientate to the scenario in which you find yourself. You are the interface!

For most of you, the week ahead is challenging, in a very good way. Your efforts may show up as very inadequate, and then when you find out what else you need to do to fill your own shoes, you might stumble upon untold riches, in the form of the exact thing that your target demographic needs for you to do! How wonderful is that! So make all efforts, leave no stone unturned. One among them hides the opening to a mine.
And for those who feel they are not quite there yet, this week will give you an opportunity to heave up the success ladder, with a reconnect to what had originally brought you to being self-employed. It will be as though you have recalled the route to a long-forgotten playground… of course, the key is to lighten up and have fun. You may feel you are not quite successful, yet… but in the Divine design, you are (as everybody else is) perfect!

This week, you will have occasion to be very aware of your boss/ employer. Right off at the beginning, make yourself aware of your job-profile and how well you are aligned with it. Your employer is in charge of creating the structure you nurture. Trust that your employer knows what they want from the organisation. If you are uncomfortable about something, it will be well worth your time and energy to look into whether you are trying to express yourself in a way that is not yet approved by your boss. If so, it would be a good idea to rethink the reason why you want to do things differently and understand how it is superior to what is already established. Your weekly off will be rather satisfying, so grunge through, anyway!
If you think there is too great a distance between your employer and you, then look at what your immediate boss wants you to accomplish. You are excellent at what you do, now make sure what you do is aligned with your job! Towards the end of the working week, you understand exactly what this means to you.

Most of you will be feeling greatly connected to your folks. For some of you, the structure to which you belong will make itself felt through awe and supportiveness. Through the week, you will be aware of a sense of belonging and you will be motivated to bring out the best in yourself.
If you are looking at changing your status in any manner, this week will ask you to be clear about what you feel in different matters. You may even experience in short, quick spells, what it means to decide with unclear emotions.
Overall, this is a very good-feeling week, and for people not looking at changing any of the status quo, also a calm week.

For most of you, the week will be adventurous in terms of emotions. You will begin with external manifestations of what you believe, and you will make some surprising discoveries about yourself through them. You are in a good place to make the changes in your habits that need to be made to effect change in your manifest world, but you have not completely grasped them yet. Mid-week, you will begin to know what to do as you will be able to trace the map of your emotions in order to discern the path. As usual, you are a light unto yourself.
If you feel you are a novice at this path you have chosen, you have the opportunity right at the beginning of the week to find an anchor for yourself to keep you steady as you move forward. This anchor is not a ‘teacher’ per se… but likely, an activity in which you already engage your energies. Chances are that with continued practice, this activity will turn into your radar for the present moment. All is well.

And unfailingly… an awesome week!


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