Your Map to the Treasure… Your Mirror!


For the week 22nd-28th July, 2013: Happy Girl Looking in Side Mirror

We can hardly imagine ourselves without the other. While the other can be anything… event, situation, person, memory, feeling… most often, we are looking at a differentiation. “That” is separate, distinct from “us”. And again, often enough, this leads us to focus only on that difference.
Yet, what the “other” actually does is offer us a mirror. We have always had this opportunity. It is part of our context. Wherever we go, we have this “mirror”. So this week, let us get to work on what we are seeing reflected in this mirror.

We know we ought to nurture ourselves. That seems selfish.
We know we ought to be our best. That, too, seems selfish.
We know we need clarity. That makes us feel stupid, which we are not… (getting into a room full of mirrors, here…)
We know we should stop making decisions based on knee-jerk reactions. That is making ourselves wrong all along.
We know we need to work hard. Hard work is such a burden!
And then nobody shows us the way. Life is tough and lonely.
Things are not fair. Fortune favours the fortunate.

Is all?

Just suppose you indeed looked at the actual reflection, and let go of that knee-jerk (darn!)… and begin again.
Let us nurture ourselves. Take such good care of our physical, mental and emotional health that we are always on the peak of our power. Let us understand our own thought processes, and learn to separate conditionings from the creative strands. Let us find in our emotions the directions to our own happiness. Let us understand our own nature and be responsible for it, its effects and consequences. With this sense of responsibility, let us map our path by our own understanding of it. And let us, certainly, live in awareness of our own sense of correctitude.

There! Better? Now, go rock your show!!

  • For the self-employed, the dominant theme of this week will be to put right or rectify things that had skidded out. In doing so, you will likely discover parts of yourself that are a little rusty or unknown, and may make you feel as though you have less time on hand than you would like. Not true. Take a deep breath and look again. Time is the same as anybody else’s. Sift and prioritise.
  • For the employed, a hectic week, and possibly busy, as well. Sometimes, your boss may trip you up, and you may feel caught on the back-foot. Steady on. You are doing a good job. Deep breath, rethink and start again. Your weekend will bring you some much deserved rest.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, this will be a “people” week, and much of it with relatives, and friends… There will be occasions to delve into your own thought processes, though they may come up through harsh interactions. No hard feelings will be harboured, but it will be an extremely worthy exercise for you to reconsider your measure of right and wrong.
  • For the voluntary care-givers, an interesting week, as much unattended and pushed-aside stuff will resurface for you to work on. You are going to feel very keenly every little shift of energy. The key will be to look for your core and grab on to it… and try to enjoy the ride. All is well.

Three cheers to change! Enjoy!


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