Day 39 of 40…!



Day 39 of 40:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
A long walk in the summer rain… drenched and happy.
Delicious satisfaction, and I can’t stop smiling. This is what I expressed as self-love… yet even without any expression, it floats around now, like a story waiting to unfold.

There are characters in this story… not people, but gifts I have received from them. I am not there in this story, either. What I have offered, is there… the main protagonist.
For this period of forty days, I offered to be open. And immediately, the period changed from a ‘challenge; to an ‘adventure’. Of self-discovery. And of discovering that the self is also not a destination…
And my openness received these…
From Kim, a consistent looking at the up when I am down… raising, raising, raising vibrations till I can fly, if I so want…
From Tracie, a kind, sympathetic, self-acceptance of wherever I am, whatever I am… like, really… mindfulness…
From Jennifer, a seeping out of inner courage, while carrying on with outer courage, and a seamless integration of the two… by example, honey!
From Mamta, a continuous stream of answers that open up the next step for me… and eventually, is pulling my trust into shape.
From Farida, a prayerfulness… every breath is a conversation with the Divine. Living, loving, laughing, fretting, falling, rising… in prayer…
From Janet, a growing happiness of accepting one of my dearest spiritual connections… that of animal spirit guides… till it has become natural and normal to my own self.
From Sue, an awareness of perception… that, beauty of the soul can be perceived and caught in a framed moment, from anywhere, in anything… all things.
From Jean, a joining of the flow, of vigilance and its naturalness, of acceptance and its expansiveness, of creation, in the image of the Creation… as she practices, she includes all, and me…

And in my grail, they all mix into my life-blood…

“In the flow of infinite grace, all belong in togetherness, all are each other, all are parts of the whole, all make the grace infinite…”


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  2. Kim
    Jul 16, 2013 @ 17:54:05

    How wonderful we have grown together, sharing, empowering, joining, holding each other, uplifting, loving,…. I am honored to be on this path we you and all the women you mentioned and more..

    May we always be at peace.



  3. Tracie Nichols
    Jul 16, 2013 @ 18:34:58

    Mohini, it’s been a grand adventure! So glad we were on it together!! You are wise a beautiful, my friend…


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