Your Light Under A Bushel No More!!!


For the week 15th-21st July, 2013:

Most of the people I know, including yours truly, have grown up to think that stability is in some way equivalent Ino Menegakito unchanging appearance. Thus, we want things that represent stability in our lives to remain unchanging. There should always be money. There should always be people around us who support us and care for us. There should always be good weather… We can make the list endless. Of course, if we face so many challenges in each of our wants, it is possible that we might have missed the point…!
A gleam of what the point of your own stability is could begin to grow in you as the week starts. This is when our other habitual behaviour will kick in, that of immediately putting it into practice. However, it is a gleam, not a torch in your hand, yet. Your established notions of welfare, happiness and emotional connect with people around you will not allow you to try out your experiments, and you will see them to be justified. This, anyway, will not make you feel good. You might feel alone with your bright ideas. Then again, deepening understanding is no flash in the pan… and you will start again, this time, in controlled units of personal ecstasy. So now, the challenge you meet will be within… in the form of your conditioning.
Keep at it. You want to grow, you are capable of growing. Unbeknownst to you, there is a spark of light already in you. Whatever you do just keeps adding to it. Before long, you will be your own beacon!

  • For the self-employed, indeed, keep working at your best ideas, whether or not you slip a little or a lot back. Eventually, through the week, the correct path for you will show up and you will be amazed at how much you have actually accomplished, if you care to keep a tab.
  • For the employed, a very good week… in which, you will see the worth of building relationships and following codes and norms. You may even have a blast when you holiday at the end of your week.
  • For the dependent, the week reverts back to being on an even keel, with the occasional sentimental waves in your emotional zone. You are dedicated to your mores, and if you have some doubts, they may be cleared up this week.
  • For the voluntary care-givers, the week is likely to be full of magic. You will get a chance to observe exactly how your garden grows, up close and personal. So keep a close watch on any new understanding that creeps into your being.

Shine on, Earth Angels!


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