Day 32 of 40…!!!


Day 32 of 40:

Tuesday, July 09, 2013
Looking at myself in the mirror… meeting my eye.
Nervous. Walk away, come back and do it again… There is a reason. A little girl asked today, “What does it mean to be your own friend?”
I know I love to gaze at my friend’s face, fall in love with him/ her every moment, delight in the special beauty that dear face holds for me. I don’t remember when I have looked into the mirror to look at me…
So. Every now and then, I hop over to the mirror today, pretending a cake-walk, to look at the face staring back, and say, “Hello, friend!” (I am soon going to make it “dear friend”… before the day is out…)
I also made lunch scrumptious, just for me, my friend.
And made adjustments in my work schedule to do things according to me, my friend and the way I/she likes things. (Oh, my! This is … ummmm, well… interesting.)
And I am going to, in a little while, sit down and listen to what I, my friend has to say to me.
Little girl, being your own friend means, at least, being with yourself the way you are with your friend.
More, can begin from that!

Kim shares with us, here…

Tracie shares with us, here…

“In the flow of infinite grace, you look for confirmation… it is your breath… You look for validation, it is in the pit of your stomach… You look for acceptance, it is in your own heart beat. Everything, every being is of the design of grace infinite. Their appearance that seems different and individuated to you, is your play. What you look for already knows that it is within you.”


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  1. Kim
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 15:44:33

    Friending oneself.. what a gift!! Amen to you sister! ❤


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