Finding Never-Never Land…!!!

For the week 8th-14th July, 2013…  peter-pan-disney-32501933-1365-1024

A maze is not a maze…
A dream is wakefulness…
A straight path is blind…
A known is redundant…

With such a set of directions, it is normal to be… confused?
No. You are not meant to be confused. You are meant to find out what works, through the path of what does not… specifically for you. No two paths are ever going to be the same, so here is the way you will go down yours, this week.

  • For the self-employed, the whole idea is being in control. Well, the energies this week start with slipping out of your control. Deep-seated fears can surface and leave you feeling more terrified than usual, because you would likely be thinking that you had been done with them, so where, why, how, now…? Stop and breathe… it is a gift. You have the opportunity to understand now that feelings are not supposed to be repressed, suppressed, push away for later, denied, jumped over… anything at all. Feelings are supposed to be felt. Then you would see that they rise, reign and subside. The residue they leave can show you why they came up in the first place. It is the reason for those feelings that you need to understand as your triggers and sort them out, such that you can move on to create a new behaviour. For a while, this going may seem tough, but the moment you understand that the fruit is the end of one cycle and you can choose the seeds for the next… you will start to regain control over your life.
  • For the employed, it is all about relating. You are going to have numerous experiences this week that will show you your fixed behaviour patterns and where they do NOT work. It will make you unsure, till you realise that there is a gift. Relating is about flowing with the current energies, and the current can be ever-changing. This is your opportunity to practise changing with the currents, then. In doing so, for a couple of days, you may feel drained, but that will soon pass. Remind yourself that adapting to variables is the power of those who choose to relate to others. This will lead you, by the end of the week, to finding those behaviours that serve you. All good.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, a significant idea that crops up now is that of having. While the week starts with a reiteration of what you have and do not have, which has been pretty stable for the past few months, and still is… you will likely feel nervous and slightly disillusioned about certain aspects of your relationships. However, mid-week will help you come back to your plumb-line, and as the week rolls to a close, you will rediscover all your folks in a new and happy way. This ‘new’ bit is debatable, and keep that in mind. You may not like ‘new’ ways of old folks, so make the effort for yourself to bring your viewpoint around to what still seems familiar. By the end of the week, though you may feel you need to put in a lot of effort, and it will fetch you happy results.
  • For the voluntary care-givers, it is all about letting blossom whatever you are capable of. This week, just as a few earlier, is awesome in its proportions… of letting you discover just how rich your field of dreams is, just how prolific you can be. Understand your feelings are finger-posts. They do not guide you. They point you to what guides you. So, working with feelings is not as necessary as is acknowledging and integrating them. Your point of creation is in thought, and the feelings surrounding any thought will determine the nature of what is manifesting. This week, you will have the opportunity of experiencing this Law, up close and very personal!

Go, rock, you self-believers, you!!!!


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