Day 31 of 40…!!!


Day 31 of 40:

Monday, July 08, 2013
The bumpy makes the smooth, the smooth slides in with the bumpy.
Today, each and every moment, I had to remind myself of the new neural pathway, if you please…
Love me, I do… So, stop getting nervous over cooking a meal. Breathe. (Yes, Jean!) The aromas are awesome… be aware! (Indeed, Tracie!) I still have work pending, and so many chores to take care of… so create! Create time! (Wonderful, Kim!)

Then, start all over again. Breathe, be aware, create in the moment… bring a beginner’s mind… (Yes, Sonelina!) And prayers help. (They do, Farida!)

I had a tough day. And a beautiful day. A wonderful validation of everything that works to elevate, works always. So now, at the end of the day, all that I am carrying with me to my meditation is that everything works, I am well and happy, the day turned out lovely and loving, perfect for me… and I love me…

Kim warms our heart, here…

Tracie is with us, here…

“In the flow of infinite grace, what you are is grace, as is what you are not. What you strive to be is still you, and what you cannot perceive is also you. You are grace, and it is of infinite wonder that you are possible.”


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