Day 24 of 40…!!!



Day 24 of 40:

Monday, July 01, 2013
Simple gifts… hold a wealth of promise, as they assure me of my ability to bring my energy and engagement and make them whatever I want them to be.
Simple gifts… of being conscious of my breath. And then, it is unimaginably ennobling and humbling to allow the seeping in of gratitude for life.
Of being conscious of my word. And then, bringing my own significance into the picture of work that had felt a drag, transforms each of them into my signature.
Of being aware of ease. And then, I can float through chores, sing through naps, dance through work, laugh through meditative silences.

Prose is poetry. Life is beautiful. Nothing is creation. I am love!

 Tracie is here….
Kim surprises you, here….

“In the flow of infinite grace, your awareness is your imprint and engagement in the dance. The more aware you become the surer is the flow through you and as you. To you, what is infinite is the flow to grace…”


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