The Image In The Mirror…. Simply Awesome!!!

For the week 1st-7th June, 2013:

Simple, really.
At certain moments, we are happy enough to be completely satisfied with life. And then we don’t want to let go of that moment. Yet, it is inevitable that moments pass. So, where is that happiness? BoyCheflight-top
We attempt to enlarge our scope, then… working towards our greater image of ourselves. Occasionally, we glimpse the greatness of our own power… and we then want to have everything we can conceive of.
At this point, we need to be reminded that we have the resources to be whatever we want to be in our own blue-print. However hard we try, we cannot be what others are. Thus, even though we are continuously staring into a reflection and trying to work in a mirror-image… with focus and repetition, there is an indelible pathway created. We can indeed work our way up our understanding to completeness.

The rest, dear brethren, is, as always, up to the universe.

* For the self-employed, this is a crucial week, albeit, internally. You know you have to follow processes and work hard, so what is keeping you still from doing all of that for what you believe in and makes you happy? Money being earned is a by-product. Since you are going to make money anyway, why not now make it while enjoying the work?

For the employed, a very productive week at work and one that will also make you feel worthy. There are hardly times that are usually this elevating, so dig into the plate… You will enjoy it.

* For the dependent, you certainly have had a stable run thus far. It still is stable and heart-warming enough. However, you might occasionally wonder this week whether you actually are not far more powerful than you seem to be. The question is not whether you are or are not… it is what you mean by being powerful, and how it applies to you.

*For the voluntary care-givers… here is your week. Whatever happens, it is trying to show you how awesome you are. Would you sit up and take notice of yourself, please?

Who do you see in the mirror!!!?


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