Day 21 of 40…!



Day 21 of 40:

Friday, June 28, 2013
Growing, growing, growing in awareness of how much fun each engagement can be!
Today, I gave myself a couple of hours to listen to my favourite discourses. I allowed all of what I heard to wash over me, whether assimilated or not, and let myself feel very happy and uplifted. Yes, I usually am happy… now I am starting to let drop the need to have done everything ‘worthwhile’. Now, whatever I engage in a while, is because it is worthy of my energies. I am learning to come back to things I need to do with the vibration of wanting to do them…
And magic is happening!

And, oh, yes… I am learning about doing things as and when, not at ‘when-when-when’!!! 

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“In the flow of infinite grace, you are surrounded, within and on the outside, above and below, in places you bring your awareness to, and in places you are not aware of… by the flow of infinite grace. There is no spot, moment or breath that is not of grace.”


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