Day 20 of 40….!!!!



Day 20 of 40:

Thursday, June 27, 2013
It has not been decreed by the elders…
It has never been celebrated as anything, anywhere, by anybody….
It has just been lived in a particular awareness by a group of people deciding to do so.
And yet, today is so significant. Today is the half-way mark of a full-time process that is being re-membered, one member at a time.
This is how I have consolidated the days thus far, into my being in Self Love… Every day, I take steps to ensure fun at meals. Every day, I do things that spell care for my body. Every day, I set aside an hour to play…
Today, as well, I have done all of these… and it was a deeper and more natural way than twenty days ago.
And today, I have also remembered my co-travellers of these Forty Days, and incorporated something that I have picked up from each of them.
For Kim, I sat down when I felt hurt, acknowledged it and made myself feel better.
For Tracie, I stood in front of the mirror and stared at my reflection till the pain in the bones of my face subsided and I could hear my breathing again.
For Sue, I looked at all the beautiful pictures and photographs I have collected and found strange and magnetic patterns tucked away in their corners.
For Janet, I connected with my residential animal spirit… with much love, and charm and warmth… and ahem! Cuddles, if you please!
For Farida, I laughed and prayed, and sang and prayed… and became aware of my senses through prayer.
For Mamta, I went back in time and came up to today again, and picked up all the dreams that have come true thus far… thus preparing for all the dreams that will now come true, too!
For Jennifer, I gathered up all my courage and spoke aloud my strangest truth of the way I am… and it was not strange any more… (Jennifer, I heard music, too!)

So, here’s to the other half, you beautiful people! Cheers!

Kim is here….

Tracie is here….


“In the flow of infinite grace, everything, always, is in perfection. You are living through the infinite design… you are the infinite and the design. Having been, forgetting, learning, knowing and remembering are your games in this design. In the flow of infinite grace, is perfection!”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Farida Dariwala
    Jun 28, 2013 @ 11:22:38

    I sang and prayed 😀


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