Day 18 of 40…..!!!



Day 18 of 40:

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Today, I am posting up earlier than usual… because I have carefully planned for an hour of my SelfLove!!!
I am wrapping up everything else and taking myself off to my nook to engage in meditations guided by teachers of the earth plane. I love them, I resonate with them and I am inspired by them. It has taken some planning to get this hour, and I am getting goose-bumps just leading up to it!

Oh, and by the way, I had a very special time working, today, and fell in love with what I do all over again! Thank you!

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“In the flow of infinite grace… just as the fragrance of a flower, the call of a bird, the ripples on a wave, the roar of a lion, the swish of a breeze, the dreams in the fire… you, too, have an impression that is uniquely yours… as a tribe, and as a unique individual. You belong to infinite grace, just as this grace flows infinitely through you… Open up and enjoy your imprint, just the way that bird sings its heart out!”


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