The Turning Of The Wheel….!!!

FOR THE WEEK 24th-30th JUNE, 2013…

Desire is a beautiful thing. It is the motor that drives life forward. WHEEL_04
This week, we are asked to explore ourselves through our desires. We usually want what we do not have. Yet some part of what we want has awoken within us. At our core, we know we need to complete that picture before we can feel satisfied with it and move on to the next.
So, it is us who knows best what is required to complete the picture. The time now is for taking requisite action. And before we start taking action, we need to go through the checklist…
*Are our tools ready and effective according to our strategy?
*Are we in love with our desire?
*Are we full of energy when we think of taking action for it?

Only “Yes” allowed… If not, go back and rework the precise point that is holding you back.

And once you have aced all three, you will feel a surge of positive energy that makes everything achievable. A very important point that will come to our notice is that while nobody else can decide the path for us, we cannot walk the path in isolation. Basically, we decide what we want to do, and others bring in their support.
This last bit is a difficult part, as we have spent a long time expecting… expecting others and external sources fulfilling our needs. The point to focus on here is that feeling of being fulfilled is going to be felt by us, so how can somebody fulfil us for ourselves? Give yourself a break…!!!

  • For the self-employed, the week is awesome for your new plans. Your older plans will need recalibration to your new way of thinking. If you don’t already have a new way of thinking, you have one waiting as soon as you let your guard down. If you can’t let your guard down, you will need to scale your dreams down… And if you even attempt to scale your dreams down, then Wham!… a wake-up call the size of no other wake-up calls. However, you are not about to face anything so dramatic. There are only a few niggles which will keep bringing you back to… your new plans.
  • For the employed, the week is not hugely productive in terms of seeing your efforts at work bringing you results. However, you can find treasure in spending time understanding your motivations and patterns at work, in your work-place. You will likely discover different ways of interaction with your colleagues and that will set you on a new path, albeit with a little yearning for the old order. Additionally, willingness to look at interactions in a new light will earn you brownie points in your personal scope as well, so go for it!
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, you have been feeling justified with your life-choices for a long time, now. This week may cause you to rethink some of your life-decisions and ponder over the way they have eventually turned out. It is good that you will not be harsh on yourself, as there is no such need, ever. Yes, entertaining the thought that things could have been done differently is merely an exercise to expand your current capacities. Perhaps, you would allow for some change in your perspectives, even though your earlier ones are serving their purpose.
  • For the voluntary care-givers, this week calms down the inner turmoil of the past few weeks. You are starting to see a way through the undergrowth. And you are finding ways to make your way right for yourself. You may also find sudden pangs about ways you have not tried… however, what you do try is your point of focus. Options you did not choose were not chosen for a reason. You are again at the beginning of a cycle of exploring trust… through yourself.

Welcome to the turning of the Wheel!!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nandini Biswas (@NB_Raktokarabi)
    Jun 24, 2013 @ 11:08:52

    Thank You So Much. Though presently a dependent i consider myself a would-be self-employed 😀 and it’s amazing that both category resonated with i felt very confident.


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