Day 13 of 40…!



Day 13 of 40:

Thursday, June 20, 2013
Another awesome day when I plucked myself away from my to-do list and cast me down on the couch for snoozes and listening to my body… and allowing my long-awaited treatment to do its work.
Today, at a group discussion, I found myself expressing my point of view with clarity and calmness… and then I even showed the areas I would work on to adjust with others and the areas I would not. Guess what? I was completely confident and at the same time, it did not make a difference to me that others may not agree…
And I found myself thinking, “It is working! Self-love is occurring!”

Kim says it beautifully, here…

And Tracie is here…


“In the flow of infinite grace, you may choose to highlight certain rocks or currents, and not others. You may choose to forget them after a while. Or you may choose to hang on indefinitely. The point of grace is your ability to choose, and never in the object you have chosen. The point of grace of that choice is that you have chosen it. And can choose again, infinitely!”


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