Heads Up, Magicians…!!!!!!!

FOR THE WEEK OF 17th-23rd JUNE, 2013…

The inner map is like this…
What you love, want and dream about, is your goal.55_mini_6
What you need to do to reach your goal, in other words, your path… is largely connected to your context. In this context, which includes your circumstances, upbringing, education… you have likes and dislikes which can prompt you to making choices among your options. Your emotional responses to each option point the way to making your choices. Your liking, preferences and propensities will help you choose.
What choices you make, unmake, correct and apply are the steps in the process of reaching your goals. These are the tools, and their existence is tied to their efficacy. There is no emotional engagement in this part.

Now, this is how we generally treat ourselves…
(And those of us who don’t, have cause to get ready for celebration!)
We look at our dreams and loves as charming interludes when we pause to take a breath in our rush to live, but certainly don’t believe in that nonsense.
If we are somehow struggling along to fulfil a desire, we stay completely unaware of our context. In fact, we think our background, upbringing and learning form all of life, and there cannot be anything different. We also feel ashamed of having likes and dislikes, and we think they are random fevers of the brain.
If we make choices which then don’t suit us, we fall deeper into the morass of denial about life, imagining we are now completely stuck and done in.

Now, the good news…
This week is going to teach us about this map, wherever we are, and however we see ourselves.
First, we will feel we have got the overall picture and plan.
Then, we will rush to grab all our joy in one fell swoop.
Which can then bring us up short against a wall…
Which we can curse and blame for obstructing us, or we can see that it has a purpose, and calm down to recalibrate ourselves. We can make the most common mistake of applying the lode of happiness, and hold it as a judgement of our dreams… even, perhaps, try to wangle out whatever we can out of our current circumstances… or we can understand that like/ dislike is the scale to make choices, not judge tools.

And then, if we have looked and seen… and heard and listened, we will fit what goes in where… and immediately experience the success of steps taken.
That is where success lies… in steps taken.
It does not lie at the end of the road in the arms of your dream fulfilled.

  • For the self-employed, the week will demand and wring for you utmost care and focus in your activities, their motivations, their intentions and the connection all of these have with you. You will find that you are the umbilical cord that holds your higher self to your creative self… as it is birthed. There can be no pretensions, compromises or naivete. There can only be course-corrections with honest acknowledgement, adjustments that allow for contextual truth and clarity, and the innocence to hope. Life is trying to help you enjoy it, so don’t take knocks personally.
  • For the employed, the week can help you realise that there is no merit in being emotional while taking decisions. Instead, the moment you step back and take into consideration your employer’s guidelines on which to base your decisions, you will be in a better place. It is not about you or your capacity needing to be proved. It is about the structure being made to work.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, the week continues to present good-feeling occasions to you, as earlier. In fact, the bubbles which rise to the surface will get a justifiable prick to dissipate them. You can even look forward to spending some cheerful and uplifting times with loved ones. You will likely find more and more reasons to feel glad about your life-choices.
  • For the voluntary care-givers… you are no stranger to being shaken up and recalibrated by your experiences. However, this week, you will have more reason to think you are getting it, and getting there, than being left at the mercy of resultant vectors. A big one, not in terms of the sound, but surely, the light! Always, the light!!!

Welcome aboard, Magicians!


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