Day 8 of 40…!



Day 8 of 40:

Saturday, June 15, 2013
A week is past already, and I am starting the second cycle of the fruit-loops of Self Love. It has been big… not in the things I have done to express self love, perhaps, but in their significance (which becomes one and the same thing, really!)
The steepest graph has been the sudden visibility of how good my life actually is…! I was so completely not paying attention that I had no idea when I had reached “This is it!” Now, I do. Now I am paying close attention.
I know I am… I know I love… I know I be…
I know.
Today, my gift to me is going to bed way early, and sleeping in till late tomorrow morning. I can do it.


“In the infinite grace, there is only ‘is’… Love and its expressions are perspective, of the perceiver. And it is the experience of the perceiver which assures of ‘is’.”


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  1. Kim
    Jun 15, 2013 @ 16:41:51

    I slept in this morning.. It felt so good. Each day I find it amazing how paying close attention to loving ourselves is making it very special indeed.


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