Day 7 of 40….!



Day 7 of 40:

Friday, June 14, 2013
I did myself a hugely good turn, today…
I love Tarot and all things Tarot. It follows that I love discussing Tarot with other people similarly interested, or knowledgeable about, Tarot. Some months ago, I had discovered that a particular Tarotist disliked me. Being the ultra-sensitive that I am, I withdrew from that person’s circle, even though the talks would interest me. I did not want to create more turbulence than there already was.
Today, I went in, sat down and listened to the Tarotist. I felt great waves of nervousness creeping up my legs, making me want to run away. Yet, I looked at the awesome beauty of the subject and its lovers and made it through the lecture. In the end, I have a layer more on my pearl!

 Kim sets a wonderful example here….

Awesome Tracie, here….

“In the flow of infinite grace, things that you like or do not like cannot uplift or diminish you. What uplifts or diminishes you is your own idea of yourself… and every time you allow anything to come into existence rather than denying it, irrespective of your feelings for it, you also allow yourself to flow right to its end. Then you know more, and in that, often, you allow dislike to turn into a liking.”


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  1. Kim
    Jun 14, 2013 @ 19:54:33

    Yay! I am so happy you stayed, and learned some new things.


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