Happy Birth Anniversary, dear JUNE-borns!!!

The year ahead for those born in JUNE… งาน-Part-Time-รายได้ดี-ประจำเดือนมิถุนายน


Amazingly, you are already on your next leg, dear June-borns!

You have come through some tough negotiations with life, and you have, in the past year, seen some closures, some endings and some moving away… and you are in an undeniably better place than a couple of years ago. Understandably, you want this year to take you to your pinnacle, and yesterday!
If I now told you that everything happens in its own season, you are not particularly in the mood to agree! You want to get on, and get moving with the good stuff pouring in!

I appreciate your feelings. I am also here to tell you the hard with the soft. So, your yesterday-already also smacks of impatience, Junarians…
So let’s do it this way.
You have some fantastic ideas and plans already made and good to go. To see them fructify, you must factor out that impatience. You have made all the requisite corrections that your past experience has taught you. You have shown exemplary intelligence in bringing together the wisdom of your experience and the plan for the path forward. Now, as the gardener of your own paradise, please allow for the seed and the soil to do their work, as well. You absolutely must, in fact. Your impatience will prod you to keep turning the soil over and poking out the seed to check whether it has sprouted. And in that, you will do more harm than good. So, as you know you are better-equipped, also know that you must trust the natural flow. Things take their own season to sprout, not a couple of seasons!

You may be troubled by a sense of time passing you by. Remind yourself that it is not. That is Divine assurance. Then take the time to acknowledge that what actually is chasing you is a fear that the past will repeat itself and make you slip up again. No, it will not. Get a grip on yourself and you will realise that you are actually in a far better place to succeed than earlier.
And yes, making an effort to learn a few new skills can help you feel better and less anxious.

Financially, you are worrying more than you need to. Stop, stop, stop looking at the past and projecting it onto the future.
Relationships can suffer if you push them away as unimportant in the scheme of things right now. On the other hand, you can utilise the wonderful energy you now have to work on bettering communication in your relationships. And communication is a two-way process, expressing and listening. Do listen.

Assuredly, things are turning for the better. Please curb your anxiety and hurriedness, and you will be able to enjoy your own growth. The blessing you can look for and find, in every situation you now encounter… is a sudden, greater understanding of the workings behind the scenes.

In all, a very powerful year for June-borns, and I hope you can relax yourself sufficiently to enjoy your growth!!!


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