What Do You See When You Look Back…?

FOR THE WEEK 10th-16th JUNE, 2013…

I have had a sneak creep up on me and tell me something we had been missing… and now we are up this week to meet it full on.
It is called the ‘past’. cristiano-ronaldo-461-steve-nash-looking-behind-a-phoenix-suns-nba-game-2012
No matter how focussed we are on living in the present, we are the products of our past. And we have left windows open…
This is how…
There were times back there, then, when… when we had surely done what we had known and understood to be in form, and yet, over time, we have regretted our action. We have wondered whether it could have been done any differently. And for most of us, this feeling is a brick-bat aimed straight at our self-image. Thus, in an effort to preserve that image, we ignore and try to move on.
Well, it is knocking at the door now.
Now is the time. Let your past in. Acknowledge what you have experienced. Know for sure that all people do what they understand to be the best at any given time. Also acknowledge that you are in a different place now, so you could have a different view-point, which is just as valid… given who you are today. And this is the moment for the marvel hidden in this re-visitation… Discover your intent.

What was your intent at that time in the past? Does the intent still hold good for you? Do you resonate with it? Is it the one that you are still working on, perhaps, only in a different way? If yes, then make that past moment a stepping-stone for where you have now reached. Quit disowning it. Instead, own it, be responsible, acknowledge that it is what has brought you here. Then open up to having your resources link up and be enlarged, as you still have with you all that you have had in the past. Work at improving all the tools that you implement, and in that, too, learn from your past. You have arrived at a great moment… when something that you had perceived as a blot on your landscape turns out to be your own helping hand.

And if you do not resonate with that intent any more, you will find a way to say goodbye to it and lay it to rest forever…
Either way, you can begin again with renewed resources and consciousness of having integrated with more parts of yourself.

Remember, if a shadow has been cast, there must be light behind it.

  • For the self-employed, a portentously difficult week. When the stakes are up and you are already playing, of course, it is going to be difficult to deal with the past, and especially with those things that look like mistakes. Also, you have already decided to be a leader, and this interferes with the well-laid plans! However, you have to do it. And the tougher it is, the surer you can be of that lump of coal turning to diamond. Swallow, chin up and plunge right in. The promise is that you will come out the other side, shining.
  • For the employed, you may not feel confident of yourself at all down the week. On the contrary, you may have a bout of wondering whether your employers have ever considered you worth anything at all. Yet, hunch up and push away at what you know you do well, and you will come through. Your accolades will be on hold, but you sure will be in a much better place than when you went in. And yes, don’t get emotional!
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, a marvellous week of reunions and meeting up with loved ones in many different ways. Since a number of weeks, you have been finding validity in your life choices. The going is still good, and rather emotional, too. Make time for some nostalgic entertainment early in the week; you will enjoy it. Towards the end of the week, you may find yourself pondering over your own identity as expressed by your life-circumstances. That is not frightening, so welcome your thoughts.
  • For the voluntary care-givers, you have been conscious since a few months of the great shift happening. It still is. In indefinably deep ways. And facing the deep dark within yourself will help you re-discover resources that you may have had given up on. You have not been intimidated earlier by more obvious scares… and this is a call of your own deep. So don’t be scared. Plunge in. The end of the week will be enlightening. Then you can resume chopping wood, carrying water!

What is within you, is yours! Make it a treasure!


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