Day 2 of 40!!!



Sunday, June 09, 2013

Day 2 of 40…
I gave myself an oil massage and a long, leisurely bath…
I am awesome! (And I wonder what keeps it from being everyday!)
A whole chunk of bibinca for myself! (Yes, I have a tiny sweet tooth…)
And I sat down and read some of those articles I have been tagging since ages, and not reading because they are not directly feeding my work right now! Oh, I loved them!

Join Kim here….

And Tracie here….


Having said that, today I notice a belligerence rise up. So much of what I do is good for me. And so much of me is tied up with the productive! And anything not immediately visible as productive is simply left to wither up and fall off, un-nurtured.
And I am responsible for it. Eventually, I was the one who tied myself up to being productive.
So what about those things that I do not find productive and yet I resonate with…?


“In the flow of infinite grace is the design of resonance, where what you send out is picked up by another and sent back to you. Thus, what resonates with you is another you. You have the same sound imprint… and everything is created out of Sound.”


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  1. Tracie Nichols
    Jun 09, 2013 @ 19:43:54

    I know that place of honoring the productive, but not the “unproductive.” It’s a powerful realization! I wonder why things that feel joyful or “just” bring us pleasure aren’t considered productive?


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