“A Bit Of Better Butter!”

FOR THE WEEK 3rd-9th JUNE, 2013…

Out of plain milk can be churned butter, with the help of two ropes, a stick and some ingenuity.
Of course, the ingenuity comes from you, the creator. image-563
The stick is your point of action.
This week, it is those two ropes that we talk about….
In one hand you have the rope of way you behave, and in the other hand, the rope of why you behave the way you behave. One feeds and validates the other, and wrapped around your stick of action, you churn out butter.

The week begins with a call to be aware that we are creatures of habit. Our behaviour is bound by a pattern. We have learnt the pattern before we have learnt anything else. It is based on conditioning, understanding and context… of which we become aware few days down. We can see the perfection of the context and the pattern working in tandem, to present us with the platform our actions need.
So how does this take us to Tipperrary, you may well ask…
And the answer is, through the short way… by understanding your emotional guidance system.
Open up and be unafraid of your own spirit of giving. Just where you are, the way you are, give what you want to give… no holds barred. True, we cannot move away from our instinctual drive. Truer, that we cannot deny our heredity. What is not so unchangeable is our ability to give and make our own the grace of being received.
Note that we are not discussing getting, taking or receiving here, along with giving. It does not exist on the same axis, however neat it may sound coupling ‘giving’ with any one of the other three. What does belong to the same plane is innate trust in the goodness of life. Opening up our hearts to allow giving to pour forth also creates the Utopia we have ever dreamt of. Imagine how much richer our collective consciousness would be if we knew that good would always be present for us somewhere close by!
However, we have not forgotten our current point of focus, in our everyday action. Living and dreaming of living in the perfection of generosity does not make everything bountiful, does it… I hear you point out. Well, try it, I jab back at you… and you’d be surprised at how swiftly you encounter satisfactory fulfilment at whatever step of action in which you are engaged. First, you see it for your self. Then you find your corner of the collective steeping in it. And then, maybe, you will believe that the perfect life is not somewhere out there, to be attained through mastery over faceless fears. Your perfect life is right there in your own backyard, waiting for you to activate the one switch that can connect you to it.
And if you have made that beginning, it is just the beginning of winning!

  • For the self-employed, the week is overly sensitive. You have been functioning on a paradigm that keeps emotional orientation out of the context. Yet, the week promises gain through such allowance. On the other hand, you cannot exactly open up your stock-rooms to a free-for-all. However, you need to get a grip on yourself and find out that this is not what is being talked about. The discovery of Utopia in your backyard applies to you, as well… only, it is in the form of allowing your work to enjoy your generosity, of happy caring.
  • For the employed, the week can be pretty happy-making if you can take a good look around your work-place and acknowledge that what looks like differences is only superficial. Underneath the mask of different departments, all of your colleagues are exactly like you… loving, caring, wanting to be happy and make others happy. This could be your moment of integration into your life.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, you have been feeling pretty validated in your chosen roles since quite some time. You continue your good roll, and are likely to experience very loving interactions with your folks. Try to not dig too much into people’s motivations. Accepting them at face-value often make people behave open-heartedly, too.
  • For the voluntary care-givers, the fun and games start. When particles were discovered to be molecules and molecules to be atoms and atoms to be electrons… indeed, the world was opening up to newer and more expanded understanding, and it was all very exciting. But none of it changed the appearance of things. You still chop wood and carry water. This is your threshold. You know the change has been internal. Do not attempt to prove anything to disbelievers. You are of the creed that life is a uniquely individual experience. Be aware that you must not attempt to look for any proof, yourself, either. The jar is visible, the water having changed into wine, is not.

Churn away, butter-masters! Life has begun!!!


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