That Thing About Belief….!

FOR THE WEEK OF 27th MAY-2nd JUNE, 2013….

Often, when you feel just that wee bit disappointed, that you were trying so hard and you have not yet reached where you wanted to be, that precisely is the clue… 1293
Stop trying too hard. Put in your action, and be sure that your action is the expression of your intent. If you have not seen the result yet, stop… and allow the Universe to take you along to where your path will again be clear to you.
Understandably, our biggest fear is losing control over our lives. However, the Universal Energy is not trying to wrest control away from our hands. Its only purpose is for us to be. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to realise, then, that control over our lives is not in the pre-determination of outcome of our actions. It is in our conviction about our dreams, and in the dedication we display in desiring to manifest our dreams. Hold on to that conviction. That is your rudder. Make yourself sure of what you believe, and engage in that belief with integrity.

…For as soon as you have settled into your core, you will find the path forward again, far more easily than if you had been pushing at it, instead. This will be cause for celebration, and much justified is it. However, the move to the next level of being is taking you a step up.
During the course of this week, you will have opportunity to experience that as much as you bring yourself to the table, so do others. In fact, you can understand the significance of your actions much more clearly in the context of interaction with other people… rather than as stand-alones. When all people honour their own feelings and those of others with the same grace, then Utopia blossoms.

For now, respect disparity, as well. Stay true to the guidance of your feelings as you plod on with your responsibilities. The beginning of the road is not the end, but the journey is your story.

  • For the self-employed, you are on a wonderful stretch. It is not about suddenly slipping back to your earlier constructs of working and getting results. It is about sticking to your new-found integrity and allowing universal energy access to your soul as well. You will start to see heartening results, and this is the beginning. Chin up and bear the hard work that is there, for your gift this week is in the wonderful help that you will find when you relax enough to ask.
  • For the employed, once again, and in a much more positive way, you will experience that camaraderie and fellowship take you further along the road of success than isolated warring. It may be a bit difficult for you to separate emotions from practicalities at your workplace, but towards the end of the week, you will realise how to not lose yourself in either. Eventually, balance will be achieved.
  • For the dependent, you have been on a roll since some time… and you are already feeling better about your choices in life. You will continue to feel good about yourself, and enjoy many heart-warming moments during the week, as you keep yourself engaged in your interests.
  • For the voluntary care-givers, you are stepping up and you know it. Life is rounding outwards and you are buzzing around your core. Your sense of elation can feel disproportionate to the circumstances visible… but then, it is subjective. So go ahead and chortle. Your light is here!

What you are holding on to… is what you believe!!!



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