Get Off Your Old!! Get On Your New!!!

FOR THE WEEK 20th-26th MAY, 2013

For those of us who still have not woken up… Good morning! Rise and shine! The times, that were a-changing… have changed! humorous-hilarious-funny-pictures-of-animals_Laughing_Out_Loud

From today, show up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, for yourself. Do what you need to do to support yourself. If you still hesitate, ask yourself… what is it that you perceive about ‘being there for yourself’? Do you think it is selfish and condemnable… and the thing to do is actually uplift others? Good. So now ponder over who is doing that uplifting, and whether it is possible that the ‘uplifter’ would also need a boost, and if not, whether the dude is made of stone.
Of course, your earlier ideas of how life should be lived are being challenged. Things are turning up rather askew when the results are called in. Perhaps it is that we now need to use methods, even old ones, to support ourselves, first and foremost. What a wonderful thought!! One which can immediately free you up from anxiety… After all, if you are stable, what would you fear?
Which awesome situation can lead to you feeling generous and giving. And to acknowledge that you receive. Ah! And this is where we can have another hitch.
We could look around at whether we have enough to give. And effectually, we could get our knickers in a twist… all over again!
You see, the sense of “having” is a material sense, which is all very well, but is a sensory mismatch with the sense of “giving”, which is an emotional sense… get the sense? They are in different zones, and we need to keep our flows matched to their zones.

Easy peasy, eh?

  • For the self-employed, things are starting to make more sense and you have spotted the handle you need to grip. Now don’t go and slip back into habits and perceptions which are no longer serving you. Since you work so hard anyway, now work hard at keeping your track… on track!
  • For the employed, much of what you do is aligned to your being… yet there will be questions you ask yourself. It is most difficult when there is nothing to question, really. It will become easy if you see that nothing is also a thing! However, you may relax and allow things to happen to you. It is a good time.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, you have been slowly edging towards a kind of equanimity for the past so many weeks. If you have not stopped questioning yourself, you soon will, and this week could be a precursor to the better-feeling place you are headed for. Much apologies if your chosen stability was being shaken in the past. Eventually, the Divine Design sustains all!
  • For the voluntary care-giver, it is well. Only you read the signs on your path, just as everybody else on theirs. Only you can realise the settling of the swirling. All is well, has been and will be. And you will allow it, too.

Praise be to All!



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