MAY-borns!!! MAY-borns!!!



The year coming up for you, dear May-borns, is very special. It seems to me that you need to be primed for it. For most of you who have already experienced the various quirks of life, the year is a gift… and this is how…
To begin with, the year ahead will likely teach you how to enjoy your own pleasure. For most of you, it will be a strange zone. You have been habituated to thinking of pleasure as achievable through activities of particular types. You are going to experience, and sometimes through surprising twists in seemingly routine paths, that pleasure is a uniquely individual capability and it is very primal in nature.
(And we already know that nothing primal can be denied!)
Also, you are going to see a plethora of opportunities spring up for you in paths upon which you have already ventured out. However, making a choice will have to be, need to be, must be… I can’t stress this enough… through the process of aligning with what makes you feel delight.
In plain-speak, the reason for making a particular choice can no more be the result you expect to achieve. From now on, it has to be because what you have chosen simply and foremost, delights you. And yes, for most of you beautiful May-borns, it is as yet an unexplored criterion.
Finances will either be fitful or there will be expenses that are non-regular in nature. But, not to worry… expenditure signifies that the means will also be available. Work could prove to be a challenge, which would beg to be met with more of your acknowledgement of what you actually feel. Why is this a challenge? Primarily, because you have not yet associated working/ work with the pleasure principle.

Which brings us to the main theme that will be running through everything that you experience in the year ahead, dear children of May… closure.
Most of you will recognise that the days unfolding are showing you that you now need to shift away from the familiar and conditioned patterns of thought. And what you need to shift towards is so primal in nature, that you might be terrified of what it may mean to your hitherto predictable life. You are being called to be champions of engaging your life energies in things, activities, relations that bring out your capacity for pleasure. So, for those of you engaged in duty, righteousness, correctness, inherited ways of life… the year will ask you to face the likelihood of a closing down of these established ways.

Of course, the result is up to you. If you can shift paradigms, you could lead the next mystic march. If you do not think it is worth all the brouhaha, then this, too, shall pass… anyway. However, by the end of your year, you are likely to be so vastly changed as a person, that I am going to take great delight in claiming “I told ya!”

Have a very fulfilling and delightful year!


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nandkishor pathak
    May 01, 2013 @ 16:09:02

    Feel confident now.


  2. Suresh
    May 01, 2013 @ 20:38:22

    Very enlightening, thank you!


  3. Seth
    May 16, 2013 @ 17:50:45

    Wow third time i have heard this message watch this space thanx xx


  4. Seth
    May 16, 2013 @ 17:57:30

    As in the year ahead being very eventful……and may i say at last!


  5. Tanmay
    Jun 16, 2013 @ 11:37:25

    2013 hasn’t been particularly kind… is it just me or something that all taureans are facing…? maybe universe is conspiring to make us tougher the hard way.


    • theredfoxanddeerlady
      Jun 16, 2013 @ 16:57:17

      Hello, Tanmay!
      Thank you for connecting… 🙂
      The way I see it, your solar year starts with your birth anniversary… so eleven more months to go! Much changes of perspective can still be welcomed!
      Universal energy flows in grace for all.
      All the best to you!
      Warm regards,


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