Waiting To…. Inhale!!!

For the week 29th April- 5th May, 2013….



It is amazing that so many of us stand in front of signposts, reading the sign, but not knowing what to make of ‘em!
Silly, right?
Well, then, wrong!
That is how we are wired. Were wired, to be precise. Now we are up to our necks in ‘change, change, change, change, change…’. So this, too, is changing.
The precise meaning of struggling is to make you aware that what you know is not complete. It is not something to fall over and keen on about. Instead, it is an opportunity to learn more. So step back, and go over your checklist. Learn what you had not known. (You just got better at being you!) Heal what was a wound. (You got stronger, too!) Then, make sure you understand that not succeeding is sometimes a protection for you. Imagine succeeding at what you are not proficient with…!

This, then, is your lesson for the week. And learn it well. Be respectful of your mistakes. They teach you far more than the most tender of teachers. Likewise, be respectful of other people’s journeys. You have no idea, and nor do you need to know what they are going through. Hold yourself and everybody else in the space of complete power, wherever in your path you may be, in realising it. Feeling pity, or resonating with suffering gets one nowhere higher, better, more hopeful. It just ensures victimhood. So shift, and expect things to get better. They will!

Of course, part of the process of empowering is to assess exactly what went wrong. However, that is NOT your identity, so do not make it so. Wrong exists so that right can be possible. So get on with it. Your life is watching you. It will see you the way you see yourself. Only you can hew your path through your woods till you are home.

  • For the self-employed, undeniably you are going through challenging times. However, your sense of creating your own life puts you in a zone of higher responsibility towards yourself. So, if your course is calling for correction, correct it. Don’t take it as a personal affront. Mistakes are a necessary component of the realm of duality. If you have got it wrong, this is the moment to set it right!
  • For the employed, it is not a very satisfying time. However, this week will provide you an opportunity to reconnect with why you are employed, in the first place. And a few days of bitter can turn into sweet… with gratitude. Times always change. Your attitude can help it to change for the better.
  • For those who consider themselves dependent, a strangely empowering week…! You will find yourself validated and lauded for the life-choices you have made. Any opinion critical of you can melt into more acceptance. You are safe. You always are, even if you do not see it. This week, you will see it!
  • For the voluntary care-givers, a strange week of realising in many subtle ways that you are already vibrating in a new world. The things around you, perhaps, cannot change their appearance. However, you are in the process of finding out that your perspective is changing, and the old order is giving way to the new!



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  1. jazzspazit
    Apr 28, 2013 @ 16:44:40

    Woodin in Tuffeee 🙂 Love ❤ Always


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